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Projects made by NGO's

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Airfunding NGO advantages

You can withdraw support even if your project is still underway

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You can withdraw at least $100 amount of support before your project ends. This is an advantage that is unthinkable in other platforms.

You can receive continious support

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There is also a fixed monthly support option.

Examples of NGO usage

Example 1: A charity group in the Philippines

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Tephanie Buena from the Philippines is working with their brother-in-law to help families, especially the elderly and those with children, with the food, water and other essencial supplies to help them overcome the covid-19 pandemic. Up until now they have helped more than 150 families with set of supplies.

They have greatly exceeded our original target for support, so they have increased their target amount and are raising more money to support the program. Although the project started as an individual, many people sympathized with the project and gathered 67 supporters. From now on, it seems that they are going to work as an NGO.

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Example 2: Fundación Olivia Comparte Amor

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Andrea Garcia Mera from Colombia manages a small organization called 'Fundación Olivia Comparte Amor' that supports families with children. They work to support families with school-age children living in the village of El Jordan in Chaparral-Trima, in the Andes region.

Not only they do not have computers or tablets, but they also have no access to the internet. They are raising money to procure radios for them in order to create a learning environment for the children.

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If you are standing up to the COVID-19 threat

NGOs and many communities are standing up to the COVID-19 threat by publishing projects in Airfunding. Find out what kind of projects are being published and how much support they are getting.

How it works?

Step 1

Create your fundraising project

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Step 2

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Step 3

Get all funds you've collected

Even if your project is still going, you can receive the support up to that point.

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