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COVID-19 Relief Program

What is COVID-19 Relief Program?

While COVID-19 keeps spreading in many places, other countries are entering a new phase, the new normal. In Airfunding we have decided to provide special support with the COVID-19 Relief category in order to mitigate the impact of this global health crisis.

If you make a project in this category you will receive the following support

For all projects

  • Worldwide stage urgent verification process

    When you get promoted to Worldwide Stage, your project is listed fully throughout the Airfunding service. It will be seen all around the world so there is a better chance of attracting support. Therefore, we will give priority to the approval process.

  • Personalized fundraising tips from Airfunding support team

    The Airfunding support team, who know the ropes of successful crowdfunding, will give you personalized advice on how to raise money to support your project.

  • Promotion through Airfunding SNS

    We will promote your project in our 7300 follower Twitter account and 3000 follower Instagram account

  • Promotion through Airfunding Youtube channel

    We will make a video about your project, post it in our Airfunding Youtube Channel, and help spread the word around the world.

For projects in the Worldwide Stage:

What is Worldwide Stage? If you start a project on AIrfunding and get support from three or more people around you, your project will be promoted to the Worldwide Stage and listed throughout the Airfunding services. As a result your project will attract people from all around the world, so let's first aim to get promoted to the Worldwide Stage!

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  • Chance to receive support from Airfunding Foundation

    The Airfunding Foundation is committed to assisting projects that meet one of the following criteria

    • It's SDG's compliant.
    • The public influence is significant.
    • It's extremely urgent.
    • It makes an impact on the world.

    With the COVID-19 Relief program, the Airfunding Foundation will provide higher-than-usual support for COVID-19-related projects of extreme urgency and incredibly high public impact.

  • Chance to be featured in Airfunding

    Get your project featured on Airfunding and get noticed.

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  • Personalized fundraising tips from Airfunding support team
  • Promotion through Airfunding SNS
  • Promotion through Airfunding Youtube channel

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The flow from creating your project until receiving your funds can be found out here

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If you are standing up to the COVID-19 threat with your community

NGOs and many communities are standing up to the COVID-19 threat by publishing projects in Airfunding. Find out what kind of projects are being published and how much support they are getting.