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My name is Raúl Vásquez, the co-founder of Delivery Bakery's. I am 25 years old and I am from Venezuela. I currently live in Lima, Peru and I have been here for two years. During that time I have worked for some kitchens and as Barista in different places of the area.

We Lost Our Job Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Everything was going great, I had a job where I received good earnings for my specialty. I've attended places and met with foreigners with the greatest possible dedication. But this situation changed once the quarantine was decreed by COVID-19. At that time, my co-worker and I lost our job, leaving us with no source of income. We have been confined for 74 days, seeing no hope of improvement in the horizon. Despite of this situation, there are those people who still keep fighting and believing in a prosperous future. We have to reinvent ourselves, to find a job that can be done from home then to present our products on to the table of each family. We have to find what are better for us, in order to continue working in the industry we are so passionate about. For this reason we decided to start our entrepreneurship project: the Delivery Bakery's.

About the Delivery Bakery's

The Delivery Bakery's was born with the idea of bringing bread and desserts in their excellent quality and freshness to the table of Lima families. With this vision, we started our project little by little, making sales by word of mouth and by our customer recommendations, to whom already knew us and our works. The first instance was selling desserts by order around our neighborhood here in the city of Lima.

Desserts brighten up your life... and bread should be there on everyone's table

We want to put our service into the pastry and bakery products, more specifically, to the gastronomic experience. We would like to share our profit and the kindness of our contributors to those who need it most. We are allocating a part of our production to help less favored Peruvian people to meet their basic needs. We also personally take our products to some areas where having a fresh bread with excellent flavor and quality on the table was too hard to imagine.

Re-contribution and gratitude

For the Delivery Bakery's, it is important to pay back the given aid. So part of our profits will be donated to the vulnerable population that, like us, is facing this crisis.

Support us to continue our dream, the work on progress

We try by all means to receive some kind of help, but as foreigners, we do not have access to bank loan. Thus we need you to continue giving us strength to this venture. We started with little things we have. It was difficult for us because we did not have the necessary tools, nor the adequate machinery. However, we have managed to continue without failing.

We have started to produce and sell in small quantities, for some products we obviously have basic tools to achieve the quality, such as a small 10-liter electric oven. We do everything with this oven even though it takes longer time than a larger oven. That's why we want to raise funds to buy more equipment so we can work with more speed and success than we've already been doing.

We need supports from all people to continue our venture. The funds raised will be necessary to purchase a new oven, an electric mixer, a large refrigerator, to invent the transportation means for our products, the trademark registration, the promotion and upgrading the ingredient and production which is of very important for the product elaboration.

You can also send your support to our PayPal account: or

Follow us on Instagram and watch our growth step by step @deliverybakerys

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