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Please help me return to my country

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Please help me return to my country

Assalam Alaikum

I am Emir (DUKJOON) Kim, Korean Muslim who converted Islam since 2013. 11. 19

I came to Malaysia for work since 5 Aug, 2019.and

I started work since 12 Aug 2019 and I found another job offer from another company, so I did an interview and passed.

So at the end of Feb 2020, I resigned from A company, and I was going to move to B company. (March was notice period and I was going to start a new job on 17 April, if there was no lockdown)

but because COVID19 situation in the world and since 18 March, Malaysia has had a lockdown.

All administrative work has stopped. I stayed about 3 months without pay, and my savings were almost finished.

From May 13, Malaysia resumed most of its administrative duties.So I asked A company to re-process my resignation, but to move to a new job

I need a Release letter from A company.

but since April, A company not issue this letter, so only way that I can move to new company is, I move out to Malaysia and come back to Malaysia, then I can renew my New EP (employment pass)

but in this COVID19 situation I can not go out from Malaysia and even can not enter to Malaysia.

I did not expect this situation at all, and I was not prepared.I have my Algerian wife here and with 3 cats (They were stray cats, and when they were very young, I found them, brought them up and raised them.)

As Korean Muslim, Korea is not good to live as Muslim, so I and my wife going to comeback to Algeria.

but there is even no flight in June, from July have flights and amount about 1,000 USD each person. I don't want to leave my cats too, to bring them to Algeria as I asked the airline around 500 USD for each cat. around 3,500 USD~4,000 USD need to come back to Algeria.

If it is a fundraiser, I must leave Malaysia at least in July.

If the previous company has issued a letter and I can remain in Malaysia, then

I will donate these money again.If the previous company does not issue a letter, then I have to leave Malaysia. However, there is not enough money to prepare for this situation.

So I ask for help through this fund.

I hope we(me, my wife, and cats) will arrive safely in Algeria with the money raised.

I will post on my YouTube and Instagram how money is being raised and used.

If the money is spent and there is a surplus, I will donate it again.

Thanks for reading so far. And thank you for your help.



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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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