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Help me build my future: a farm with my family

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Hello everyone!

My name is César Horacio Sacrab Choc, I am 19 years old and I live in a community called Rocja Pomtila in northern Guatemala.

A dream to have a farm of laying hens

Throughout our lives we have worked in the fields with my other 4 brothers, we have dedicated ourselves to agriculture but the income we generate is not enough since the land where we work is only rented and they charge us a lot of interest.

Our family is made up of 6 people, my mom, and my 4 brothers. My mother's first 3 children were unable to attend school due to limited financial resources.

Our dream as brothers is to be able to have a farm of laying hens in order to generate income.

Our financial difficultty

I have worked half of my life in the field with my brothers, but on the land we work it is rented as soon as it gives us to spend the day to day and the harvest seasons are not always good so we are looking for another way to improve Our living conditions,

my first 2 brothers did not have the opportunity to study, I have been fortunate to have opportunities that life presents me and I have taken advantage of them, but I have visions of our future since we want to improve our lives and that of my mother.

We are a family of limited resources, for that reason we are looking for help. The community in which we live there is no electrical energy, nor is there a quality education to be able to improve, I am currently in a boarding school that is helping me to continue my university studies.

Project's Plan

I want to start a farm with 120 laying hens to produce eggs and sell it to the local community and generate income to help my family and that my two nephews have access to education like my younger brother and install electricity in my home and especially give my mom a decent life.

• Fundraising starts in June 2020 and ends in June 2021.

• Construction begins July 2021 and ends in August 2021 with the chickens.

• The first income would be at the end of September 2021.

• In 2022, he would buy more chickens to double the sale.

Currently, I help on the farms of the institution where I study, with the training I am acquiring knowledge.

Usage of the funds

• Fixed costs

The hens cost Q60.00 each, being a total of Q7,200.00

• Farm Construction Q5560.00 Includes (Sheets, Nails, Mesh Rolls, Nails, and Construction)

• Periodic expenses

Vaccines Q10.00 each bottle and 5 bottles are needed for every 3 months for a total of Q50.00

Vitamins Q40.00 each bottle and 3 are needed for every 3 months for a total of Q120.00

• Monthly expenses

Concentrate 7.5 quintals per month at a price of Q225.00 for a total of Q1,687.50.

The total I need in USD is about $1,915.37

My brothers and I will be very grateful to you since it will help us to improve ourselves.

We are very grateful to all of your support.

Thank you so much in advance!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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