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Fundación Prisma (Prisma Foundation): "Future without hunger" project

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Hello, initially I want to thank you for taking a few minutes to review my project, it is very important for me to receive your support through a donation or by sharing your contacts, with the aim of providing a relevant and crucial change to the present and future of children poorer, I am sure that they will learn to give their best effort to eliminate hunger and other problems in our world for future generations.

I am Sebastian Barbosa Moreno, Colombian, Industrial Engineer and entrepreneur, From a young age I have been curious and interested in finding mechanisms or means that allow us to eliminate the most relevant social problems in my country, and why not? generating a chain impact for the world, I know that I am not the only one who wants to act, who is constantly seeking to overcome the limits and barriers that arise in the environment to meet objectives and demonstrate that together we can achieve it.

I grew up in a humble family that showed me the value of life, taught me that despite the difficulties we must respect, be honest, help those who need it and strive to fulfill our dreams, motivating the people around us through of actions. With this, I have achieved several of my personal and family goals, now I propose a new dream that involves providing better opportunities to a vulnerable society that needs it, and that will be a new point of support to end the famine definitively.

Despite the fact that Colombia is a country rich in resources, in recent years Colombia has been recognized as one of the countries with the greatest inequality in the world, we can see this through the Gini Index, which shows a level between 0 and 1 associated with social imbalance, increasing its criticality at a higher value. In the mapping of this index, it is possible to observe that Colombia is on red alert, and it has been constantly maintained in this way since the concentration of wealth is increasingly noticeable..

Different organizations worldwide (UN, ECLAC, FAO, OECD, World Bank) have carried out various analyzes and evaluations of the results associated with the level of poverty in the country and its consequences on the quality of life of the population, affecting economic indicators and preventing the development of the country, however, although the effort of some of these organizations to minimize their materialization is undeniable, the real figures in general allow more evidence of stagnation than progress on the subject.

Reviewing the comparative measurement of ECLAC with respect to the year 2017 and 2018, it is possible to show that there was no significant variation that demonstrates a change in poverty in the country, of which a large part of those affected are children who are just born and must fight to survive. , without a panorama that allows them to have a vision for the future and contribute to their society.

In this latest mapping, we can see that since 2014 and 2015 there has been a high level of poverty and inequality that gives Colombia a second place that is not very prestigious in the region, and although the rates shown by governments have tended to drop, By punctually evaluating the affected population in the last five years, we can see that in this period no government plan has been generated to reduce this social imbalance.

In Colombia, 2.4 million people suffer from hunger (UN), of the daily deaths associated with malnutrition, 75% of the affected population are children, with a gross national mortality rate of 4.6 deaths per 100,000 minors of five years; being the regions of Vichada, Barranquilla, Guainía, Guajira, Chocó, Cesar and Santa Marta those that present permanently higher mortality rate. According to the National Nutritional Situation Survey (ENSIN), 15,600 children suffer severe acute malnutrition in Colombia, and of these children, hundreds die each year.

According to studies carried out by the OECD, Colombia requires a greater number of generations to eliminate this situation in the country, considerably surpassing Brazil, for which the analyzed indicators are similar with a much larger population, differentiated mainly by the concentration of wealth and the inability to obtain free quality education for these vulnerable populations.

Currently, frequent news associated with this social problem are published. This year in Colombia, 10.8% of children under 5 suffer from malnutrition. According to a report by the Great Alliance for Nutrition, which includes ANDI, the Food Bank and Feeding Dreams, among others that seek to fight malnutrition. The most recent figures are of such gravity that 54.2% of households in Colombia have food insecurity with the greatest impact in Choco, Sucre, Vichada, La Guajira and Putumayo.

The Director of the Chamber of Food from ANDI, Camilo Montes, stated that with this scenario, six out of every 100,000 boys and girls under the age of 5 died from nutritional deficiency and anemia, with worse results in Vichada, which reached 115 for every 100,000 children, Guainía 37, La Guajira 36, ​​Cesar 26 and Chocó 22 for every 100,000 boys and girls. This shows an increase with respect to the average figure of 4.6 deaths for previous years. (

In this context, I would like to present my initiative and project:

Fundación Prisma

The implementation plan for Fundación Prisma over a 3-year horizon, It is based on three phases described below:

1. Nonprofit Entity Constitution (ESAL) “Fundación Prisma”:

In order to provide guarantees to different interest groups, the initial phase includes the creation of a supervised society to guarantee that the resources obtained you are destined for the described social purpose, as well as having a significant impact that allows obtaining long-term alliances with companies and institutions that support the projects.

2. “Future without Hunger” Project:

The first project to be carried out through the foundation is focused on meeting a basic need of vulnerable populations, in this case children from communities in absolute poverty under 10 years of age, whose goal is to minimize mortality rates from malnutrition, and generating social awareness in the beneficiaries so that they can project improvements in their community

3. Project "Education in Consciousness":

Secondly, by covering their basic needs, the aim is to train and strengthen the emotional intelligence of vulnerable populations, whose objective is to enhance their self-esteem, encourage confidence in their abilities and demonstrate the potential of opportunities that allow them to improve their quality of life by leaning on their abilities.

Through this crowdfunding campaign, the aim is to obtain the necessary resources to start the phase of Constitution of the Prisma Foundation (1,500 Dollars), and generate the necessary content in web resources and marketing campaigns that make society known by natural and legal persons, who may be participants in the projects through economic or in-kind donations, as well as the generation of alliances with other entities that promote the same objective of social impact.

It is planned to start formal activity of the foundation from January 2021 with the Project "Futur or without Hunger ”where it is budgeted to guarantee the daily feeding of a child in a state of malnutrition for each donation of 5 Dollars ($ 15,000 COP), associating the operational and logistical costs required for its proper disposal. The investment for the initial and goal phase of crowdfunding is broken down into the following budget:

If we want a better future for all, our primary objective is to cover the basic needs of our population, overcoming this, we will be able to focus on their education to open better opportunities and foster a collective conscience that drives economic and social development, finally we will provide support or resources necessary to encourage the achievement of goals, ideas and dreams that contribute to our entire society.

I am glad to have had your attention, if for you it is not possible to make a donation but you are interested in my proposal, help me Sharing it, it is just as valuable to multiply our effort collectively.

I would appreciate if you use the Share button [Help by sharing] to share my project!

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