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I want to record my own graduation song!

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Hello! My name is Luo Yijun, I am a member of a music group in a high school branch of Taiwan Teacher Training University. I write and want to release our graduation song!

In the process of discussion and division of labor in our Bidian team, the whole event needs a smooth and successful performance, and music is the main part of the event. Therefore, the members of the Bidian band’s musical group, after a joint discussion, thought that the final song is more able to leave a permanent memory for all participating students than just a ceremony, because after the activity of “Bidian” the scene will be demolished, the ceremony will end, and our final song will continue to sound in our passionate young hearts and will always be in our ears, preserving our youthful years in high school.

Since the value of the final song is very important, I hope to improve the quality of the song, and try to do my best to improve it. After a group discussion, I actively searched for appropriate resources for support, so I found a professional recording studio and sound mixer, renting a professional studio equipment and space. We worked hard to create and end this song that belongs to us.

This year's song creation fee is free for this song! It is mainly produced by me personally. But in the inside of the song, a complete and sufficient piece of music for a specific recording, the budget, the cost of visiting the music post-production market, is almost 100,000 yuan. As we are students and are honored to seek out recording masters as graduates, the cost of production is somewhat reduced. Of course, we also use the graduation fund to pay part of the cost. There is still a gap for the purpose of the first graduation song ...!

Therefore, we are more actively seeking financial assistance from the general public and are very grateful for the actual support of your financial sponsorship. Let us leave the wonderful experience of striving and using social resources during the graduation ceremony and future years. With your help, let us know the virtue of adults and realize our dream. After entering society, actively demonstrate wisdom and ability to help others!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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