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We are the Ortiz Pabon family; We are myself, my wife and my three children. We used to work in a retirement house of a Catholic community at service of God, but since March 15, 2020 we lost our jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We had a life project but Covid-19 completely changed our lives, it brought us together as a family. 

For many years, since I started having a family, I have tried to own a house for my them, but it was always my own will, I wanted the house in a prestigious place,I had conditions and I was too exigent toward the idea of owning one. I thought about having a place of more than three floors so I could rent it and pay for the fees, or a luxury apartment but I was not sure about it. 

One day I prayed to God and during the prayer I understood that what I wanted was not possible, where I wanted it to be, the way I was planning it and even less the timing, meaning immediately.

God showed me the right time and place. It was not what I was planning, I prayed God to do his own will with us, to grant us a place where we could start building our house and stop paying rent. God heard my praying and little after I got a response.

I received a visit from my mother-in-law who told me that God had shown her in a dream that she should share her property with us. She told my wife and I that if we like, we could move to a space she has in her house  yard which is empty.

We used to live in a neighborhood called Marsella in Kennedy borough in Bogota, Colombia. It is a very nice neighbourhood with many amenities, shopping malls and beautiful houses. We have everything at hand and now we go to live in the city center   to Los Laches neighborhood, on the city hills, it was nothing compared to where we used to live. 

This was the blessing that we had asked God so much for our family, and the best part   it is located next to the sanctuary of the parish Nuestra Señora de la Peña.

Now we have no way to pay the rent, we own already 3 months and the little money we get is to feed our family, so the best we could do go and build the land and not harm our landlord. 

Our project is to get enough funds to start building our home, to pay for materials and labor.

We must start from scratch, from the foundations, so we have cleared the land since there was a lot of weeds, and trees with the help of my wife and my children we have started to remove rubble and dirt in order to decrease the cost of labor.

An achievement with so much effort 

We have worked day and night to be able to move as soon as possible,for our kids one does whatever it takes, they are the engine that drives us and I have learned in this pandemic the true meaning of the word family, that is, I have discovered how much I love them and how we are going to get ahead of God's hand, because He is love. 

We need your support as soon as possible because time passes and rent, bills  and hunger do not wait. 

We must buy 1/2 "rod, cement, mixed, sand, tiles, blocks, water and sanitary pipes, pipes and electrical materials, wood, combs and other hardware and construction materials.

We receive all kinds of donations in money or in construction materials to carry out this project, we need approximately $15,000,000 Colombian pesos to make only one tile floor, with three rooms, bathroom and kitchen, but for us it would be a palace because it is the gift of God. 

Thanks a lot  God bless you all.

We believe in God promises and this is our promised land.

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I am Omar Ortiz


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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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