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Hello! I am YOLIMA GÓMEZ HERRERA and I represent the associates of the Timbiqui public services cooperative  ”COOPSERPTIM” E.s.p.

 This organization is located in Colombia in the Municipality of Timbiquí, west of the department of Cauca; the municipality has an extension of 2,002 km2 and represents 6.8% of the area of ​​the cauca department with a population of 21,617 inhabitants.


Given the lack of job opportunities in the region and the lack of essential services such as Potable Water and Basic Sanitation, in June 2008 we decided to organize ourselves in the community and form the HOME PUBLIC SERVICES COOPERATIVE, whose purpose is to PROVIDE PUBLIC SANITATION in the municipality of Timbiqui. This project has managed to consolidate processes in the region through the collective effort of the various community sectors in order to unify actions and contribute to improving the quality of life of the population, within a global framework of respect for life transparency, gender equality and solidarity, but today due to the pandemic we have had to suspend our social work, more than three months ago our government ordered the temporary closure of the entire economic sector in Colombia.

Due to this situation we have a lot of uncertainty about the future of the project and the sustainability of our 36 contributors. People sheltered under this project are people with very low resources and the cooperative does not have the financial capacity to help them at the moment. Based on this problem, we have started this project to raise funds. We will use it to purchase products to cover basic necessities which will be delivered to our employees, in order to give them some relief during this quarantine.

The money collected will be invested in  buying the following products:

Rice   360 kg                           COP 1.940.400

Oil  36 und                         COP 540.000

Tuna    108 Units                      COP 648.000

Pasta   36 kg                           COP 158.400

Beans        COP 180.000

Flour  72 kg                         COP  288.000

Antibacterial soap  36 units  COP  504.000

Coffee 36 kg                               COP 396.000

Total Budget COP 5.392.800 Five million three hundred ninety two thousand eight-hundred Colombian Pesos.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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