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Help us to build our ECO-HOUSE: an example of love and care for the Earth!

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Hello All!

We are Dafne Swiss- Italian, primary teacher and dancer and Santiago from Argentina, He works in tourism.

Building our Ecological House as an example of change  

We live in Puerto Iguazu, Misiones, Argentina. 

I found this beautiful place 6 years ago with Dafne we decided to start a conscious and sustainable project. We are building a sustainable Eco-house. Our goal is to show the residents of this humble neighborhood as well as each and every traveler that building with respect for Mother Earth and the environment is possible. Also using local resources without great environmental impact. The beneficiaries are anyone interested in this project and whoever wants to be inspired by the change and the construction of ecological structures.

We started building a few months ago with the help of volunteers, bio-builder and bricklayers.


We believe in change towards a more conscious and environmentally friendly society. 

For this same reason we are building the more Eco-friendly way possible:

-Green roof (decreases global warming) 

-Wood and solar shower heater (thermo-tank)

-Solar panel and candle lighting

-Mud walls (thermal and acoustic function with energy saving) 

-Dry toilet (transform our waste into soil)

-Collection and reuse of rainwater 

-Recycled materials  

Our goal and use of funds 

Our goal is to transmit knowledge and information to others so they can build in the most Eco-friendly and easy way possible. We hope to be a concrete example of change for the neighbors and all the travelers who visit this paradise in the middle of nature next to the Rio Parana, Nativa Iguazu.  

In order to make the house work, we would need to add and buy:

135 US$ A 80L wood hot water tank

290 US$ A 65Ah battery, 2 50W solar panels, A 2000W regulator and an inverter

210 US$ Glass window

280 US$ Wood stove  

170 US$ Dry toilet; counter, installation of water and folding screen  

180 US$ Kitchen; earthenware fridge, wooden countertop, water and sink installation  

160 US$ 6 exterior roof and bridge braces  

You are very much welcome here, so you can witness where your investment is going and learn about life in an ecological house.  

We could swim in the river, listen to the birds, eat organic food from our garden, make music, dance,... 


We really appreciate your help and support!

Dafne and Santiago  

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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