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I want to be able to continue supporting my family.

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I am Javier Ortiz, from Mexico,

I am a bilingual audiovisual technician specialized as a cameraman, my activity is related to group events, weddings, concerts, seminars, conventions, in addition to performing video editing work for these activities, which are currently suspended due to the situation that crosses the world.

The economy is paralyzed because of pandemic

Due to the pandemic, Baja California is in a very complicated economic situation, since this city depends directly on Tourism,

each of the activities carried out here is directly related to this activity, for this reason, the economy is paralyzed, and although we make efforts to try to cover our basic survival expenses, they are not enough to pay, for example, the rent, since in our town the costs of living are very high, and even though we have all tried from adjusting to granting reduced prices, they are still high, and insufficient, given that the undersigned have, like most debts or accounts prior to this situation.

It is the reason why I am requesting the project, it is because I belong to an even more vulnerable sector in this crisis, given that there are no supports for this sector, we are not susceptible to receiving government or private sector support since they do not consider us to be in poverty,

Help me to pass through and survive from the economic crisis

I understand that this sad situation has been difficult for everyone, especially without work for several months due to the pandemic.

The industry in which I provide my services as an audiovisual technician (FReelance), is specifically focused on the Tourism sector, in hotels, in events, groups, seminars, concerts, presentations, conventions, weddings, etc., So we are far from We will soon become active again in this new normality.

Without sources of employment, what we can obtain by selling food, helps us cover basic expenses to survive, but not to pay ordinary expenses such as rent, water, electricity, gas, and debts previously contracted, Today three months of NOT having sufficient income, I find myself in the painful need to request support to continue with my family,

since despite the efforts we make every day to support ourselves, the accounts accumulate so quickly that we have had to sell some furniture and work equipment, the situation is difficult as we cannot find buyers and everything must be very cheap, and since we do not have the profile to have social support in our entity, we do not have the economic capacity to survive without work and without generating income.

Usage of funds collected

We try to pawn our things, and there is also the problem that the few things they accept in pawnshops are very small loans, and other items are not allowed because they tell us that their warehouses are already saturated. we also asked for loans leaving our things as collateral with friends and family, who at first could make us some small loans, but now they are also in complicated conditions, therefore we could not obtain but a few

Currently, We have rent payments pending this month, and the next one is approaching, plus the payments for water, electricity, which were not suspended, buying supplies to sell food from our home, and since we have outstanding debts prior to the epidemic, I hope to go Paying little by little and paying at least the money that some friends and family have been able to lend me during this quarantine since they also need it.

Your help will really help us

I am concerned about losing everything that with years of effort we have obtained, but we are more concerned about being left without a place to live, and failing the people who trusted me by not having the income to pay my commitments, since in these times they also need to carry out Those payments, and even with all these adjustments

the accounts and payments have accumulated so much that today we find ourselves in need of requesting support, in order to be able to continue and with some surplus set up a small food business with what is necessary.

I thank you in advance for your generous collaboration.

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