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With your help, I will be able to pay for medical studies and treatment

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My name is Sandra Garcia, I am Venezuelan, 2 years and 9 months ago I left my country fleeing the tragedy that the whole world knows

I currently reside in the city of Guayaquil / Ecuador with my husband and my two children.

I had a whiplash-like impact on my neck,

As a migrant, my main source of income was confectionery, which I was able to do until the beginning of the year.

For about 6 years, I had a whiplash-like impact on my neck, after some time after studies and treatments.

The problem in my neck affect my daily activities

Today, the imbalances due to lack of timely attention have increased significantly since I am presenting numbness of the arms and hands, severe pain (head, neck, and back), muscle weakness, motor difficulties to certain movements that prevent me from performing normal and daily activities, among other.

The attending physician requests further studies that help with an accurate diagnosis.

In the previous ones, they show the displacement of vertebrae that make compression to the base of the nerves and to the medulla, presumes the existence of a hernia or a degenerative disease.

help me to get medical treatment

I need this help because, for the same health problem that has been limiting me little by little, I had to leave the small business that I had, apart from the start of the health emergency with the pandemic (Covid-19), the company Where my husband worked, he closed operations and still has not restored them, in which case it has been difficult for us to cover the expenses since the resources saved for one of the most necessary and expensive studies, we have had the need to arrange them.

The funds will be used to perform: Magnetic Resonance, bone densitometry, medications that I must take day and night (until now for life), chiropractic rehabilitation therapies (they recommend 8 sessions) in addition to the change of collar and posture corrector that due to permanent use they have expired

The sooner I can carry out the studies, the better since due to the complications I present, surgical intervention is not ruled out.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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