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Fund for rescued Dogs and Cats affected in Covid-19 pandemic

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Hello everyone,

I have 2 pet dogs that I rescued from the streets.

Up until now, I keep help the homeless cats and dogs and took care of them

I have been taking care of stray dogs and cats around my area.

It is a cruel fact, but it is true happened for stray cats or dogs here, They have been thrown like garbage. Some have died, some have health issues.

But, due to the circumstances, I found them, I have come to love them and adopted them because of their good behavior.

My income is not enough to support them all especially in lockdown period

I was not good enough to care for many animals due to insufficient budget and little shelter, I can keep them inside the house but lack of spaces, I had to renovate the shelter so they wouldn't be wet when it rained.

I was just a poor worker with only a minimum wage earner, my salary is $8 per day and I work 8 hours I can only feed myself with my salary but because I adopted them I need to eat less food just to share my foods to them and that's why I have no ability to operate alone an animal shelter I need the help from other people. And so I'm asking for a small donation for my adopted pets.

I have been feeding strays around our place but due to the community quarantine, I was left with no income at all. My savings have been depleted and we have been problematic in providing foods and other needs of all those in our care, as well as the strays.

Usage of the funds

The funds will be divided into 2 purposes, but all-purpose is to help stray cats and dogs

1. For their food, health, vitamins, vaccine and hygiene product

2. For building a shelter for them.

Help me to help them

Help me to rescue more puppies and to feed more strays, to have them spayed & neutered.

I was poor but my love for animals was great. I am one of God's creation to be a way to help them. After this city lockdown and when I have enough funds, my plans are to take them to the Animal Clinic for a Vet check up on their health condition especially their skin diseases, organic home remedies not effective to their skin diseases so I need to take them to Vet and to have them vaccinated, neutered and spayed.

If you help me with this project we will see no more animals wandering the streets we can prevent them from getting sick then no more hungry stray dogs and cats. Don't worry because I will always post and updated photos of the progress of my project.

A small donation of a single coin can give a smile and joy to stray dogs and stray cats. And help me to share this project with your friends too.

I have a pure intention of helping homeless and I will appreciate it even if you don't give a donation just help me to share it with your friends.

Thank you so much in advance!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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