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Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Alberto Soto, I'm Venezuelan, I currently live in Ecuador-Quito-Tumbaco.

I'm going to help this person that I knew and has helped me a lot, he told me once about this project and has wanted to carry out but has not had the opportunity because it does not have the necessary resources and therefore has not had the chance, I will talk a little about him

His name is Vicente Guerra  He is 59 years old, and has lived all his life in the countryside. Currently, due to this pandemic, he has found it a little difficult to sell his crops so easily, and much of it has been  lost due to confinement, yet with the little he has he does not hesitate for a second to help other people even if he does not have much, he helps with what he can anyone who needs without thinking twice and more than once leaving himself with nothing in order to help his neighbor and his word is always (God will help me later). That is why I turn to this medium to ask for help to start what he has called "HIS LIFE PROJECT" so that Mr. Vincent can have his "little rabbit farm" and thus be able to help his family and continue to support himself as he has done all his life.

- He currently has a few rabbits that he breeds this way:

- These would be more or less some ideas:

True  generosity is giving  I hope you can help me provide the necessary support to Vicente     , I'll be very grateful to you and I'm sure he will too.    .




1 roll of electro-welded mesh     2´´x1/2´´ - 30x51 cm ----------------------  79$


1 rroll of electro-welded mesh     2´´x1´´    - 30/76 cm -----------------------  91$


6 Zinc sheets 3,60mtsx0,80cm     - cal 0,20 ------------------------------  42$


20 meters of poly-shade mesh     ------------------------------------------------  20$


Balance weight hanging up to 20 kg     ------------------------------------------- 20,50$


3 Quintals of food (40kg c/u)     ---------------------------------------------  79,50$


20 Rabbits     --------------------------------------------------  200$


Staple for wood     ----------------------------------------------------------15$


Mesh staple     ---------------------------------------------------------- 4$


Nails for wood     -----------------------------------------------------------5$


Eaters     ------------------------------------------------------- 25$



TOTAL ---------------------------------------------- 606$

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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