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I want to provide non-drug treatment to women with menstrual pain

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Hello! My name is Yvette and I am from Taiwan. I am committed to participating in the development of various medical equipment products and the listing of regulations in various countries to solve human medical care problems.

Post (Pollster) The market survey (15-49 years old women of childbearing age) found that the proportion of women with menstrual pain was 23% of women with "pain every menstrual period", 30% with "frequent pain" and "occasional pain" 40%, and only 7% of women "have no trouble at all" (Figure 1), which shows that this problem is troublesome to most women. Another market survey was “What can women use to relieve menstrual pain when they have menstrual cramps?” It was found that “drinking brown sugar, longan tea, hot cocoa” accounted for 38% in the first place; and “rest, everything “Don’t do” accounted for 37%; then “eat chocolate” accounted for 33%, “drink warm water” accounted for 26%, “eat analgesics” accounted for 20%, “hot compress” accounted for 14%, and so on (Figure 2). It can be seen that women tend to relieve pain through diet; compared with medication to relieve pain, they still hold the attitude of avoiding pain. It can be seen that menstrual pain is usually treated with drugs and is often accompanied by adverse side effects. Therefore, alternative non-drug non-invasive analgesia is the first choice.

Int J Womens Health 2020. The latest literature pointed out that primary menstrual pain mainly occurs in young women. Transcutaneous electrical stimulation treatment has been considered to be an effective way to relieve primary menstrual pain. It is a non-invasive, inexpensive and portable medical treatment. Equipment can not only reduce the use of painkillers but also improve the quality of life, which indicates that TENS has potential value for the effect of primary menstrual pain. The inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years. The World Health Organization recommends countries to incorporate Chinese medicine into the existing medical system. Therefore, we want to combine the improved electrical stimulation treatment with the acupuncture principle of Chinese medicine and place the patch on the acupuncture point. It will relieve menstrual pain better.

From the development of medical equipment to the market, it usually costs 100,000 USD to 1,000,000 USD in gold fees. At present, we have completed the product prototype development (Figure 3) and the current development progress (Figure 4). Therefore, we hope to conduct pilot clinical trials (coming in July 2020) through airfunding. If you are interested in clinical trials You are interested in the results, please leave your email, we will send a report to you via email after the test is over.

The money you donate will be applied to:

Clinical trial assistant salary: (1,216USD/month)*13 months=15,808USD

Participants' carriage fees: 60 subjects*[(3.3USD*5 times/month)*3 months+68USD]=7,050USD (excluding the fees paid for withdrawing halfway and re-acquisition)

Test materials and miscellaneous expenses: 1166USD

Sponsorship feedback:

According to the amount of your sponsorship, we will give the following feedback (please provide mail, address, recipient to us)

Note:mail, address and recipient are only used as a gift to the sponsor this time.

5USD=> Postcard with a style of Taiwan *2

20USD=>Chopsticks (made by Taiwan cypress) + chopstick rest

50USD=> Key Ring: A bottle shape within a pattern which was drawn to mimic a famous collection pattern (purchased by Taiwan Palace Museum)

100USD=> floating Pearl milk teacup (by FLOAT design which can separate pearl and milk tea)

300USD=> a set of small goldfish tea bags (made by charm villa) (A set within 12 teabags)

500USD=> Taiwanese tea (contains 14 famous teas from different countries of Taiwan)

We will send out all gifts once our fundraising of the project is over.

Please leave your name, address, and some necessary message to me. Here is my contact mail:

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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