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Help VickyPeduli Centra Bisnis in Bali from the Covid-19 crisis

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My name is Lodovikus Gerong. I am 41 years old, I am the administrator and co-owner of VickyPeduli CentraBisnis in Bali.

I want to raise funds to help my business called VickyPeduli Centra Bisnis out of the COVID-19 crisis.

I managed VickyPeduli Centrabusiness for 5 years with all my efforts.

5 years ago, someone came to my workplace and offered a business opportunity to open the Fastpay counter. Business looks very attractive and profitable.

Sometime later, I resigned from my job and opened a fastpay outlet with four of my sisters. Our business name is VickyPeduli Centra Bisnis.

This is our business logo.

We are based in Bali. This is precisely the world-famous tourist attraction. 78% of Balinese income depends on the number of tourists who come and visit tourist sites. Therefore we specifically sell plane tickets and become tour guides and sell internet quota and mobile accessories for tourists.

It was difficult at first, but with our hard work, many tourists finally accessed our services and for 5 years, this business provided a meaningful livelihood for us

Our Business Is Affected By Covid-19

Unfortunately this year something unexpected came up and changed everything. Almost all tourists have returned to their respective countries. As a precautionary measure Covid-19, the provincial government of Bali ordered to close all tourist sites. Close the airport and the community at home.

Four months of living without income are very difficult and spent all our savings on rent, pay for credit, and for the expenses of our family's daily needs. We are 5 families that depend on 100% of VickyPeduli Centra Bisnis income. This is very difficult because until now we have no income.

here is my outlet

Help us to continue to survive

Since June 2, 2020, our outlets have reopened, however, none has come to access our services to date. I remember the last customer accessing our services on March 18, 2020. We also still owe the rental of outlets in April, May, June, and we may not be able to pay rent for July and August. This is because all tourism sites in Bali will be opened in August 2020 meaning we can work again.

This is our current outlet situation. no visitors.

Use of Funds

With the money collected, it will help us pay off a lot of the debt we have now and will replenish the deposit balance at FastPay. it will help contribute to our dreams, we just need encouragement. I swear that we will try twice as hard to rebuild this business.

Thank you very much

You can access our Facebook: Vicky Peduli

Our Facebook page: VickyPeduli CentraBisnis

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