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Help a freelance photographer during this quarantine

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My name is Eduardo Banegas I am 22 years old and I am a freelance photographer

Became a freelancer is difficult in this period of time, with this project, w would like to pay my debts and pass this situation because of the COVID-19 since I can't find a job and continue saving to improve my photography equipment

My business

I am from a small rural town called Rapelli, in the province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina.

I started taking photographs at social events and doing personal sessions at the age of 17 since then I dedicate myself to photography and I did my university degree in photography.

my idea of ​​one day having a photographic studio was born.

My beginnings

In my beginnings, I started with a small camera working as an assistant with almost no charge to learn the trade to gain experience in the photography of social events

After a few years as an assistant, they started to contact me for events as a principal photographer, and so I started working alone.

Already with a more solid foundation and always complying with my clients. It cost a lot since where I live it is a small town in a rural area and there are not many events and I always worked outside of here, moving in my father's vehicle.

My current situation due to COVID-19

Currently, I can't get a job due to the virus since being a freelance photographer I don't have a permanent job. every month I had to be on the move looking for a job.

And since we are in quarantine, social events of any kind are not allowed and that was my market, And I can't do photoshoots either since you can't go out

I am a person who depends 100% on photography and I know colleagues who are in the same situation.

How the funds will be used

everything became more complicated a few days ago, I suffered a scam in which I lost about the US $800 that I was going to invest in more photography and lighting equipment to someday have my own studio.

It was a very hard blow because it was a very big saving that I lost.

So I went to this method of help, I never did this kind of thing, but after what happened to me I was basically out of money.

Help me get through this bad situation

With this collection, I plan to resume the plan to improve my equipment and acquire the necessary materials to set up a photographic studio at home and thus make my business survive.

Help me with a small donation that you can, it will help me a lot to stay on my feet until all this is over. I will be eternally grateful

thank you very much

My social networks

I will leave my Instagram and my Facebook page where from time to time I upload some of my work

Instagram: @eddybphoto


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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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