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My name is Alberto Ahuanari, I am 26 years old, I am the manager and owner of AAPE TECH internet service for access to rural areas in a native Amazon community.

Internet service that I managed for a year with great effort

Two years ago, when I returned from the city to my community, I realized of a need, and it was the lack of the Internet to solve connectivity and communication problems.

So I came up with this idea, but the solution was not simple at all, so I faced serious problems such as the lack of electrical energy for its 24-hour operation and the laying of the Internet backbone.

After several attempts with distributors in other cities and for almost 11 months we managed with my father to lay the Internet backbone, with this we only had to solve the problem of electrical energy for my business.


It was very difficult at the beginning but I felt completely happy and fulfilled

Our case

With the income from the first months we dedicated ourselves to re-investing the profits, we worked very hard with the objective of counting renewable solar energy, and with a little savings we opted for a bank loan to bring clean and renewable energy "solar energy" and we obtained good results and a tremendous acceptance from people.

Thanks to this effort, AAPE TECH is today providing Internet services to the students for their virtual classes to those who returned from their institutions to their communities. We are the only access point for those who require this service and we are very proud of that.

Our business was affected by COVID-19

Unfortunately, this year something unexpected arose that would change the way we live, as a precautionary measure with respect to the Covid-19, our business was forced to close its doors since March of this year and we immediately proceeded to freeze quotas for three months. from the loan bank made to bring solar energy.

After three months the bank has thawed us and put us in trouble for the corresponding installment payments and it has become impossible for us to manage to collect substantial income for the corresponding payment.


Currently we owe a month of late payment of the month of June and we are looking for alternatives to be able to cancel two months that we have more than the last month and we are still in a health emergency that makes it impossible to serve all customers who require this service.

We must also make an investment in biosecurity equipment to ensure everyone's safety. 

Please help us to overcome this situation

The money raised would help us to pay many debts that we have acquired and we will equip ourselves with the necessary protective equipment to work.

It would help contribute to our dream, we just need a push.

Many thanks.

Again a thousand thanks for stopping and listening to us for a minute, thank you very much for your help in advance.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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