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請支持犬隻高強度絕育計畫 Dogs High Intensity Sterilization Project

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the flag image of country 社團法人台灣懷生相信動物協會






由于资源有限,应立即进行,FFA认为阻碍方法各个方面的主要原因是“方法太多! 因此,目前最重要的是推广“高强度灭菌计划”的“大规模,高比例”,这也是FFA的初衷。










在过去的几个月中,由于COVID-19,我们的组织一直很难筹集任何资金。 如果您能帮助我们与尽可能多的人分享我们的项目,我们将不胜感激。






Helo everyone

About Faith for Animals (FFA)

In 2016, the Faith for Animals Association was established to implement the "High Intensity Sterilization Program" in Taipei, New Taipei City, and Keelung City. In 2020, it entered Taoyuan City and continued to expand, hoping to achieve a reduction in the number of wandering dogs and peaceful coexistence with human society.

What is Dogs High Intensity Sterilization Project?

The methods of handling stray animal issue usually include shelter, adoption, sterilization, enhance the owner awareness, education, legislation, euthanasia, etc.

With limited resources, which should be done immediately, FFA thinks that the main reason hindering each aspect of methods is from “there are too many of them! Thus, the most important thing at this moment is to promote the “large scale and high fraction” of High Intensity Sterilization Plan – this was also the original intention of FFA.

Comparing to the TNvR terms used in the school organization years, High Intensity Sterilization Project is closer to the action of FFA.

We put our attention on “groups“ assisted by “science“and the decreasing of total population was the top priority.

The Strategy

In order to effectively solve the problem of overdose of stray animals in Taiwan, the Association believes that on a regional basis, the female dogs in the area will be completely sterilized to more than 80%. Through a large-scale and high-proportion ligation program, the number of stray dogs can be effectively reduced, thereby solving humans and dogs, environment and other conflict issues.

We have formulated corresponding strategies for different dog sources. The sources of stray animals in Taiwan are divided into three types:

We develop corresponding strategies for different dog sources, such as household visits. Once every two weeks, we actually follow every path on Google Maps, and every household looks for the traces of inquiries about the bitch, and cooperates with the public sector to regularly track the results, analyze the results of various regions, modify the strategy, and never slack.

With the expansion of the work scope of the association, the cost of manpower and actions has become larger and larger. In addition, for sterilization funds, except for Taipei City, subsidies for other counties and cities have a certain limit. The new coronavirus pneumonia COVID-19 has made our fundraising effect more difficult, but we did not stop because of this. Hope every A friend who doesn’t give up on the situation of a child, donated money to help us continue to expand!

Purposes of Fundraising

(1) to perform sterilization for dogs. This includes the transportation costs for picking up and receiving dogs

(2) to purchase and repair equipment for trapping and transferring dogs.

Please support us

For the past few months, it’s been a difficult time for our organization to raise any money due to COVID-19. We appreciate it if you could kindly help us share our project to as many people as possible.

A three minutes video about us:



Please "help through sharing" Help repost, so as to improve the well-being of stray animals in Taiwan and help the situation of stray animals!

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