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A Life of Great Purpose

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Hi everyone

I am Marisol Theresa De Jesus, 59 years old and a single mother to my only 28 years old son.

I've been suffering from epilepsy for 21 years

I had been struggling with Tonic-Clonic (Grand Mal) Seizures for 21 years now. I am and still am an epileptic...

Instead I opted to teach in a school herein my country. I have been teaching and doing tutorials to my students for 12 years now. But inevitably as I grew older, my seizures were frequent and had caused complications in my brain.

Due to seizures over the years my nerves have been damaged and I now have occipital neuralgia. My left and right occipital sometimes are swollen causing me to have pretty bad headaches and seizures that prevented me to work normally. My neurologist advised not to commute anymore and expose myself to risk having inevitable and unavoidable seizures every time anytime.

I had 2 surgeries 2 years ago due to my seizures. It left me with nothing. All my savings were exhausted. Now I have a heart problem. Probably I am getting more vulnerable and true to the fact that I m getting old.

I teach to live a life of purpose

I am a teacher and despite my condition I opted to live a life of purpose. I wanted to be defined as an educator and not because I am ill. I found peace in teaching children in school, relieving and fulfilling in a way. I never felt any less of a person even when my seizures are getting frequent as I grew older.

For a while due to inevitable seizures I was advised by my neurologist to just do tutoring. The pay I get wasn't enough to buy me my maintenance medication so there are so many times I fail to take them. Not knowing it made my condition worse. Always got seizures wherever and whenever...

To have medical procedures every now and then which I honestly cannot afford, is making me more sick than ever. Though my son helps me most of the time, and some people close to me never fails to support me, still it wasn't enough to sustain my medical needs.

Adding to all the chaos, this pandemic halted me and my son's work ... all the more I felt hopeless. So if there are kind hearted generous people who can help me in any possible way... I touch your heart and humbly ask you to help.

I still want to live longer so I can teach and educate more children, if only I would be given the help I need so desperately.

I am so desperate because not being able to take my medications regularly and my EEG, ECG, CT SCAN, MRI, and BLOOD ASSAY done every 3 months.

I feel weaker each day.

I hope and pray for anyone who can share me a bit of what they have to help me. I would appreciate it greatly.

Please give me the gift of extending my life to still go on live a good life with a noble purpose to teach so more... and leave a legacy that I have lived my life to the fullest despite my illness...

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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