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MORE THAN HONEY. A sustainable and Ecofriendly business with the planet

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Hello there!

My name is Wbeimar Agudelo, I am an international beekeeper trader, I live in Colombia, department of Antioquia, in the municipality of Jericó.

MAS QUE MIEL (MORE THAN HONEY) is a project that arises from the need to care for the forests of this beautiful municipality, Jericó is located in the southwest of Antioquia, a municipality rich in flora and fauna, abounding with a wide variety of species such as howler monkeys, guacharacas, armadillos , winches, opossums, birds and reptiles, this municipality still has virgin forest, but I see with great concern how the forest is cut down to use the land for livestock activities, I have observed that areas that until recently were covered with forest are being deforested thus affecting the fauna and flora of the region.

Besides, it is common to see that by the improper use of agrochemicals, pesticides, insecticides, bees and many other beneficial insects for crops and life in general are dying.


Because of this, I thought I could start this project, which is planned in several phases  

The first step is assembling 2 apiaries which will initially be located on leased land, each with 25 hives, in addition to obtaining the essential elements to start working with the bees, the average price of each hive is 130USD, the goal is having enough funds to have the 2 apiaries gifted.

The second phase is about having my own land in a forest area and in this way be able to protect it, in addition to adapting the apiaries as a school and also having a meliponario where they can educate the community about the sustainability and profitability of beekeeping and meliponiculture   and its benefits on agriculture and the environment  

The final stage is reaching the community not only from the apiaries and meliponarios school, but to reach the sidewalks and farms to help farmer with training on the benefits of bees in general and on different methods and alternatives to agrochemicals with emphasis in the control of pests with organic products and with other beneficial insects for man and crops

Within all the stages of the project it is programmed to carry out rescue of swarms that are in danger, since due to ignorance and fear when the bees arrive at a farm, they are in a crop or near people, they kill them with poison or by spraying gasoline and burning them, so MORE THAN HONEY renders its services arriving at the place where these swarms are, rescuing them and relocating them in areas where they do not present risks for people or animals.

I hope the participation and collaboration of all of you, so we leave our children a better world, a more sustainable world, friendly with nature and above all to contribute to the environment and to this wonderful planet that provides us with everything.

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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