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Help me to get water and electricity to our Ecohotel Village

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I am Juan Pablo Vergara Diosa, I am 29 years old, medicine student, I am the founder of Aldea Ecohotel (Ecohotel village) located in Bellavista in Risaralda en Colombia ?? 

A dream that little by little is becoming true 

A little over 4 years ago, towards the month of March 2016 I was able to start paying for a small plot of land a little over a block large located at 1800 meters above sea level, located in the Bellavista district of the municipality of Mistrató Risaralda, with the aim of converting this small piece of land not only into an Ecohotel but also could accommodate the largest variety of fruit and ornamental trees possible 

This dream was born from the idea of ​​making the countryside a tourist and environmentally sustainable company that could provide me, my family and collaborators with alternative sources of income in a sector of the country as forgotten as the rural sector, and which also stimulated tourism in this region of the country and thereby make us known nationally and internationally 

¡This is how the Ecohotel village idea was born!  


The beginning has been difficult, starting from scratch in a field without planted trees or buildings; With some savings that I had, I managed to build a 3 x 3 meter cabin with a double bed, without electricity or sanitary units, despite this I have been able to accommodate some people who have believed and wanted to support this project. 


Our individual case


Fortunately, the farm has water source, an invaluable resource that we take care of with all our efforts, however, I require a series of pipes, storage gallons, septic tanks and labor to be able to get the water from the source to the cabin, and without water the energy company does not put the wiring, situations that have made me lose potential guests for the ecohotel 

The ecohotel village and Covid-19 

To everyone's surprise this year we found ourselves submerged in a situation that would drastically change the way we live our lives and the way we obtain resources to subsist, given the measures taken by the government we were forced to not allow the arrival of more guests to our Ecohotel, which seriously affected our resources and with it the dream of having electric power and sanitary units 

During this time we have tried to maintain some savings and thereby try to sustain the expenses incurred by the Ecohotel

Currently, it has not been possible to receive more guests, which has resulted in economic difficulties and the impossibility of having water and electricity to provide a more comfortable service once the health emergency ends.

Help us to keep improving;

With the money we manage to raise we will be able to buy the sanitary units, pipes, electrical networks and payment of wages generated by these improvements & nbsp

Your contribution would greatly contribute to our dream of having a prosperous and comfortable ecohotel for our Visitors in the future

I just need your trust and I promise to contribute twice as much for believing in our project

Thanks for your donations and reading until the end

I would appreciate if you click on the button [Help Sharing] to share my project! So I can reach more people!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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