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Let's help the girl together.

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Dear Friends,

Angelina Sinkevich is 14 years old. The girl has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) of type II. This is a genetic disease due to which all muscles gradually weaken and lose their function.

In 2012, Angelina suffered pneumonia. She spent five months in the hospital and has since been on the ventilator (mechanical ventilation). The device is not cheap to maintain. She need $900 to maintain the ventilator which helps her survive. All expenses are borne solely by the relatives of the girl.

SMA is a diagnosis that takes power. And most often their environment asks for help for patients. Our story today is a first-person story. Angelina described how day after day of her life goes.

"I want to become an adult. Go with your legs. See the sea."

A day in the life of a teenage girl with Spinal Muscular Atrophy on a mechanical ventilation.

My morning starts at 9 o’clock. Usually the cat Murzik wakes up. He is sociable in the morning - purrs and flippers. He is only two months old. Murzika was presented by dad, it was a surprise.

Today I woke up in a good mood. I live in a room with my grandmother Eve. We both love cleanliness and order. My bed is covered by my mother or sister, otherwise I try not to litter.

Mom helps me wash and braid my hair. I can brush my teeth myself. Hands are weak - everything is not easy. But I really like to paint, I have a big cosmetic bag. Even the arrows I manage to deduce!

For breakfast I love porridge. Tasty, simple and, most importantly, healthy. Today I ate oatmeal. Mom is cooking. Unfortunately, I do not help her much at home. I want to but I can not.

Every morning, my mother changes a napkin in my neck, filters. It takes about 20-30 minutes. Further - "charging".

From September to the end of May, like all children, I study. I'm at home school. Five times a week teachers come in the Russian language and literature, mathematics, history, biology, the Belarusian language and literature, and geography.

My favorite subjects are mathematics and Russian. But the story is not easy. My memory, it seems, is not bad. Probably just the subject itself is uninteresting.

Grade 6 finished with grades 7-8. Hopefully next year will be even better. You have to try hard. Education is important.

I read a lot. I choose different books. The home library is small - everything is online. Favorite author - Alexander Pushkin. Classic - it is for all time. I like poems, but I’m not writing it myself.

But I love to draw. It’s best to sketch. Mostly the characters in my paintings are animals. Incidentally, I have a Fredi fish. He and Murzik often pose for me. Friends say it’s going well with me.

If the weather is nice, we rush to the street. I move in a wheelchair, so someone constantly accompanies me. We’re not far from home: we’ll look at a store nearby, at a playground, and go home.

Then - lunch. I consider potato pancakes as a royal dish. In general, I love potatoes in any form. True Belorussian. I can eat something light myself, with the rest my mom helps.

During the day and evening I spend a lot of time on the Internet. I’ve spent hours on YouTube watching various bloggers. We rarely see each other, but we’re online all day and night.

If I don’t draw and don’t sit on the Web, I like to watch light, funny movies. Here, I watched all 6 seasons of the series “Matchmakers”.

And then the evening comes. In the evenings we are noisy - the whole family is assembled. Dad comes - he works as a builder, and mom cares for me. We are friends with my sister and brother, we help each other. Veronica is 11 years old, Pasha is 16. They are healthy.

The apartment in which we live is rented. We have been in Minsk for 9 years, before that we lived in Oshmyany. They moved to the capital because of me. Parents say there are more qualified specialists here. Although I really like Oshmyany - there is fresh air and beautiful nature.

People often ask me if I am afraid of people in white coats? No, I'm used to it. But I do not like hospitals - it is gray and sad there.

I used to ask myself the question, why did I get sick? She even scolded herself. And now, probably, she reconciled with the diagnosis. It doesn’t hurt to live with a ventilator and with SMA. This is just another life, not the same as a healthy person. Although I don’t feel any special. I walked up to a year! And after - it began to weaken sharply.

Before going to bed, I usually go to 23, I like to dream.

I want to become an adult. I want to go with my legs. I want to see the sea.

Let's help the girl together!

It remains to raise $ 479 out of $900 so that Angelina does maintenance of the ventilator. Let's help the girl together.

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

Contact for communication WhatsApp +375 44 4141184.

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