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My father is in hospital and I am in need of help.

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My name is Jane, 21 years old. I am the daughter of Alberto Bayot and I am in dire need of financial help.

My father suffers from a stroke

Last Friday, June 26, my father was admitted to the hospital due to some blood going up to his brain. He was afflicted by stroke 6 years ago and he had been taking minor forms of medicine to curb his high blood pressure.

As of now, he is currently in a vegetative state in the hospital. He can no longer stand up as he had no balance. He suffers from tinnitus due to the high blood pressure he currently has.

This tinnitus is a side effect of having the blood flow in his brain. His cholesterol, sodium, and blood sugar are all exceedingly high.

We are drained financially

My dad is the only breadwinner in our house. He, too, wants to go home but can't due to his condition

I'm currently unemployed due to COVID and finding jobs so far in this situation is hard for me. My mother is also unemployed and what little money she saved went to hospital bills.

We subsist on a daily diet of instant noodles and canned goods which proves to be unhealthy but we have no choice on the matter.

My sister has a job, however, the salary is not enough to help my dad, it is only enough for our daily necessities and it is not enough to pay for our bills.

Help us to overcome this condition and help my dad medical treatment

The medicines for his brain per capsule that was injected in his body costs 910 pesos per capsule, the room rate is 1000 pesos daily, and Other medicines cost 83.50 per capsule. The Bills kept on piling up, and there are no other people to help, I'm not sure how much the others as my mom is the one guarding my father in the hospital and I'm taking care of the house.

When I heard from my mother alone that the cost of hospital bills on my father's stroke alone cost 39,000 in just a week, not including the medicine, here is the receipt of my dad's daily basis medicine

We are now in debt due to this. To make sure that we conserve money as much as possible for my father's bills. I only eat once or twice a day, just rice and canned goods or instant noodles just to curb my stomach.

My father is the only one who works. His salary is not enough to cover the cost of those hospital bills. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you for reading and I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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