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Development of a demonstration agroecological family farm.

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I am a person connected to the rural environment and nature, where I have worked as an agro-ecological producer and instructor in permaculture design systems and sustainable environments, since my training until now with my children have always worked consciously to harmonize with the environment and ecosystems that surround us and provide the resources and means necessary for our sustainability, as a father of three children I think it's a good time to go through the world  to make concrete a project that for several years I have been planning together with my children to develop it in Venezuela where I live specifically in the Andean region state of Merida, in a town with an ancestral tradition in the production of coffee.

My purpose or mission with this project is to contribute to food sovereignty and family economy through an integral farm and agriculture together with ecotourism and at the same time to link the population in the activities of ecological agriculture production and in this way give an option to the exodus of many young people and abandonment of the Venezuelan countryside forced to leave the country in the face of scarce opportunities that motivate them to develop their potential.

To develop this project I need 5500 American dollars which I have found extremely difficult to obtain due to many factors including the lack of policies that promote these projects by official agencies and an economic environment of high inflation with few alternatives in which the country is involved which has caused me to fail in several attempts to achieve this goal that would benefit my family and others indirectly by generating various activities related to rural ecotourism and agroecology.

The economic resources are required by August 31, 2020, the deadline for the project to be completed, for which the amount will be allocated on the one hand for the acquisition and preparation of space and infrastructure for training workshops and accommodation for visitors ($3,000), and another amount ($2,500) for the acquisition and development of a demonstration plot of organic vegetable and medicinal plant production. The space as a whole is the center of the project that would bring local people and international visitors in a learning process in tropical ecological agriculture and awareness of mother earth and in turn, would benefit my family with the efforts of all members in the midst of the current economic and political crisis that this South American country is experiencing, in essence, is what I want to convey with my request to the international community to support me in this initiative that will surely motivate more people in the region to take more sustainable and mitigating modes of production to climate change

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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