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Introducing Me

Hello, i am Raisya Rahmawati. I’m 17 years old from Indonesia. I'm a student, writer, language learner, blogger. I have big interest in writing, sharing inspiration to each others, humanity, and learning language. I learn Russian, Japanese, Spanish, French, and many more. Then, I'm also member of International Global Network, because I have big attention to contribute make this world better, focusing on children problems. 

Besides as a senior high school student, I helped Thalassemian girl who didn't get good education because of the economical situation, even if I also having hard situation in economy too, but I did helped the girl to learn with me every Monday-Wednesday, because I believe we all deserve to having good education though didn't having any money to fund the school.

I teach the girl for free, with educate her in literacy, math, science, art, and linguistic skills following other skills that we have to improve in preparing for the next future, then I want to expand that action for other children around my environment so they can get good education for free. I really believe that they are the next generation for this world and we have to save them by good education.

UN Global Goals Invitation

So, based on this case in my environment, I want to bring this problem to get the solution in international conference, I registered the Global Goals Model United Nations and get accepted, in Thailand, October 4th – 7th 2019 soon, i represent as an united nations by Global Goals Model United Nations conference as a delegate with hundreds selected students among the world.

I got accepted because of my paper in topics of education problem in my environment as I described before, then I write motivation letter too.. So, when I got the announcement it said that I'm the one of hundreds selected delegates. And we can become the fixed delegates if we completed the payment of register.

We gather to solve global problems such as poverty, climate, health and well being, and other 17 forums to discuss and give impacts to the world. Global Goals Model United Nations (GGMUN) 3.0 with theme Revolutionary Act Towards SDG’s 2030 Agenda was born in order to make a platform for youth who wants to deliver their most impactful idea in international stage in regards to solve the world’s current problem based on SDG’s perspective.

Do you know that 821 million people are chronically undernourished, nearly 800 million people do not have the basic ability to read or write? And there’s 2.1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe, readily available water at home, and more our global problems.

Another Model United Nations

Then, because of I'm so late to booked my seat at this conference in payment problem, I might lose the chance to attending the GGMUN 3.0, but it will not losing my dream to attending other MUN.

I get new chance to attending other Model United Nations in Bali, soon at 18th-21th 2020. I represented as a Indonesian delegate (I've booked my seat already) in , UNICEF council. So, this is my one step closer left to make these all happen!


But I need some funds in pay the registration, ticket, and miscellaneous. Here, let me describe the needed funds.

Registration Fee     : $525

Ticker round-trip    : $225

Miscellaneous        : $150

So, no matter who are you, or where you come from, i’m delegating people from a whole world to give my best and brings some impacts to our beloved world. Around the world, youth are the engine of the change. They have the power to change the world through their brilliant ideas, and innovation. Because of that, we’re as human community, we’re one, it doesn’t matter the backgrounds we’re struggling in the same way.


Now i’m here, struggling in my on way that represent you with my sharing forum, my contents in blogging and books, and seminars in my environment.

If you help me by donating, it would be such a honor for me to represent you make this world better and solving in every children rights in education problem.

Your donations would be so meaningful for me, because when you donate me it means that you donate to the change of this world :)


Let me represents you as where the voice stand matters!

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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