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I want to help my son to have a better life quality

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Rodrigo, my 19-year-old son, was diagnosed a year and a half ago with type 1 diabetes, we lived in Veracruz, Mexico, when he was diagnosed he was hospitalized for 8 days due to ketoacidosis, from that moment his life changed completely and totally depends on insulin, which will last for life, diabetes is a very expensive disease and represents many expenses, since they need a special diet, syringes, glucometer, insulin, glucometer test strips, among many other things.

He is also diagnosed with ADHD and autism, this also represents many other expenses and therefore we cannot pay for the microinfusore (insulin pump) and the constant glucose checker (sensor), despite the fact that they offer us monthly payments, the expenses exceed us and we could not afford them. I would like my son to have an insulin pump and the checker because that would offer him a better quality of life, he is in a hormonal stage so his glucose has many variations and that could affect his organs and at night when he is asleep, he spends a long time without noticing the sugar variations and in the morning when we check him, he is in a very bad state. on several occasions his sugar levels have lowered so much that he has lost the ability to move and speak, so the insulin pump would help him to be more controlled, having alarms, would notice some important variation at night time, that would avoid many scary situations for us and prevent damage to his organs preventing him from ever having a diabetic coma.

He injects himself 4 times a day with insulin, and he pricks his fingers 4 to 8 times a day, depending on his glucose levels, and how he feels. a torture for him to be injected daily, and his fingers are already very damaged, he has lost sensitivity. Unfortunately this technology is not within everyone's reach, we are a working class family, and we have another son also diagnosed with ADHD, so we have a lot of expenses and we cannot cover those devices.

The company that sells them offers us monthly payments of $ 3,000MEX per month for the insulin pump and $ 6,000MEX per month for the sensor, that already includes the required supplies for the machines, which are changed every third day and ask us for a down payment on each device. . $ 6,000MEX from the insulin pump and $ 15,000 from the sensor, that is for 36 months, after that time the devices will be ours. My son is kind and well behaved. Even being a teenager he takes this disease really seriously and keep a track of what he needs in order to be in good health. Insulin shots, nutrition, schedules, everything is under control, he wants to get through this and have a better more healthy life but only his willpower won't be enough. It hurts as a mother not being able to offer him the best life quality possible. He is my sunshine and has overcame every difficult situation he has faced but sadly this is beyond all of us

The devices would give him a better quality of life, since he would be more controlled, they would give him more freedom in his daily life. They would give us peace of mind at night, because his sugar would be monitored 24 hours a day, and in this way it would avoid damage to their organs and would have the added benefit of stopping to inject and prick his finger daily, since it would only have to be done every third day when changing the sensor. The total funds needed are $ 345,000MEX pesos.

If helping us is within your possibility we would be thankful for life.

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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