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Feeding Our Cebu Vanguards at War with Covid-19

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Hello everyone,

This is Joann Marie Rodrigo on behalf of the Cebu Friends Support Group (CFSG). I am currently residing in Cebu City, Cebu Philippines.

Together with my group, we have a purpose to help Our Cebu Vanguards at War with Covid-19

Helping the frontline at Cebu, Mandaue, and Lapu-Lapu City

CEBU CITY has emerged as the country's new epicenter as the number of daily cases continues to spike. And because of this, our doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers are overwhelmed while they continue to accept new patients battling the Covid-19 infection.

Our heroes are taking a toll both physically, mentally, and emotionally. We know and feel how exhausted and frustrated they are at this point in time.

My group and I have taken the initiative to provide a small token of food and bottled water to our heroes. Last week, we were able to provide with whatever we have - 90 food packs to 2 of the major hospitals in Cebu and Mandaue City.

How did it all start?

Last month, my old high school classmates, and I started a Viber group chat as a way of helping each other in times of pandemic. One of our classmates has a food business and the other sells bottled water. In order to support their business, we came up with the idea of pooling our funds together so that we can order food packs for the resident doctors. My other classmate, who happens to be a doctor and can move around the city without restriction, organized the pickup and distribution. Initially, we distributed 90 packed lunch and water to 2 hospitals in Mandaue and Cebu City.

It was a wonderful experience to bring joy to our doctors with just a simple act of kindness and we want to do more thus we came up with the idea of crowdfunding. we already distributed 103 food packs to 3 hospitals.

We intend to continue helping our frontline

It is our deepest desire to extend our help to more of our Cebu's vanguards assigned at the battlefront against the Covid-19 disease. With your help, we can raise funds to target:

AT LEAST 200 FOOD PACKS and MULTI-VITAMINS to our FRONTLINERS, We are targeting at least 200 food packs to be distributed to various hospitals in Cebu City, both public and private. Hopefully, we can provide more food packs to other cities such as Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu City.

The estimated package of lunch cost about 5 USD for 200+ packages (total will be about 1,000USD). the items included are explained below

1. Hot Meal / Snack

2. Bottled Water / Beverage

3. Dessert

4. Multi-vitamins

With our joint efforts, we will continue to support our frontliners in winning the war against the disease.

Thank you and





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