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We dream to live in our house!

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Hello! My name is Yelena. I live in Belarus. It all started with a decision to change our life. Why haven’t I done this before?! .... For nearly 30 years, a despot husband suffered, who lied and cheated on me, abused alcohol, and beat me. Then he asked for forgiveness, promised to take care of the family .... I forgave for the sake of the children, tried to be a good wife, hoped for the best. And it got worse. There was no one to protect and there was nowhere to run ... Now the husband has become even more cruel and is driving us out of his apartment! Well then! We decided to go away so that he would not harm us, and start a new life!

Take a step and the road will appear by itself ..... What is your dream? I dreamed of having my own home, an orchard ... For a long time I was looking for an opportunity, but I did not have enough money. But once there was a chance to buy a house in the village for only $ 250! And I did it! And now we have where to run.

Thats true, the house is very old. There is no water and electricity, heating, stoves, which require firewood, a toilet, on the street .... But we are glad of the opportunity to free ourselves from the pressure of my husband and start a new life in this old house! I sewed and repaired custom-made clothes and other things. Little by little, I put aside for home repairs and moving out of the money I earned. 

If you have a dream, desire and perseverance, you will grow even through the asphalt! And so, when the goal is very close, I lost the opportunity to earn money, because due to coronavirus, clients stopped coming to me. And recently I got a broken arm. And now I have to sell my personal belongings ..... 

My dream is stronger than my fears!  I am not alone in this world! There are many people willing to help! I always help those who are harder than me - both people and animals. And in our house we will take 2 dogs and 2 cats that used to be homeless .. "A BIRD SITTING ON A BROKEN BRANCH IS NOT AFRAID OF FALLING BECAUSE IT BELIEVES IN ITS WINGS" I BELIEVE IN MY DREAM! Now I look more like a wounded bird ... but I'm not giving up. I am looking for different opportunities. Therefore, I decided to seek help from people all over the world! I am grateful for this opportunity!

Home Sweet Home... We really, really want to quickly move to our house! But without water and electricity it is impossible to live! We need repair of the roof, walls and floor ... 

When we do everything, we can live in peace and joy! When my hand becomes healthy, I can earn money by making clothes, bags, jewelry, rugs, dolls and other things. I’ll buy a goat - for milk - and chickens - for eggs. I will plant grapes, apple trees, cherries, apricots, berry bushes on the land plot. The garden will provide us with herbs and vegetables.

I am a hardworking woman and I will be a good housewife and reliable support to my children. After the repair, I invite you to visit! You can relax in an ecologically clean area of Belarus near Belovezhskaya Pushcha! Welcome!  But now I need your help !!! I thank everyone who paid attention to my project and is ready to help !!! Thank you I would be happy if you use the [Help by sharing]

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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