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Help to rebuild Grandmother's ancestral house

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Hi there,

My name is eric, my grandma has lived in a very old house that possible to collapse anytime.

I take the initiative to do fundraising in order to make some renovation to her home so she will able to live in a better house without any worries.

a house that has a lot of damage

We would like to knock from your kind heart as we seek help to rebuild my grandmother's house that was erected since the 1960s.

t's made from wood and as time passed. Disasters such as storms & earthquakes so as termites already consumed her house.

some of the foundations were already destroyed by termites, while some are starting to have signs of damage that might collapse in the near future. for now since we don't have enough money to help it rebuild, we put some scrap wood blocks to strengthen it temporarily.

some of the roofs donated a few years ago were having holes due to aging that adds to the problem when raining.

The structure was ancestral and needs a renovation as the foundations are starting to break. We would like to change it into a concrete, change the roof and secure her bed so whatever weather we will be facing, we'll be confident our grandmother is safe.

Plan usage of the funds

Here will be the jot down for the expenses for now that I estimated:

Drawing with sign & seal and BOM $120 (needed to get building permit)

Building permit: $73 (required when doing construction in city)

(Estimated price for material & labor) $1647 ($74.89 estimated cost per sqm x 22sqm)

After we get the drawings set, will proceed for the material costs as a package for the drawings from the architect is the BOM where we can use to compute the exact material cost. Hopefully, we could get a lower price in actual pricing. Since my father & I will be helping on the labor side too.

I really would like to help our grandmother's wish come true. That is before something happens to her due to her age, at least she can experience to live in a decent house from having a makeshift dwelling over decades.

As her grandson, I would like to make that wish to be a reality. But given the fact that I'm also a freelancer, I don't have enough income to make that happen. The money I make is just enough for my parent's monthly billings & food budget as I am the breadwinner too.

Hopefully, with your help, we can start the construction for renovation before the next storm arrives again.

We're looking by about before August starts. We will be so grateful from the bottom of our hearts to have your help in any amount.

Thanks in advance.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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