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Help drive an innovation: The Honeycomb tape

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I am Yuri Maksimov, an inventor. My latest invention is called Honeycomb tape.

The backgound of Honeycomb tape

The idea of the invention came to me out of a desire to help everyone who wants to build a house on their own. Probably, you will agree with me that the constructed wall and the whole house as a whole will be aesthetically beautiful when all the bricks or blocks in the wall lie exactly and with the same mortar joint between them. But it is difficult to do it on your own.

Therefore, most often this work is done by professional bricklayers. The laboriousness of the successively performed actions by bricklayers when laying a wall is well known. That's when I got the idea to create a product that will allow everyone to build a house!

Honeycomb tape has become such a product - this is a mortar layer in a roll, having laid it in place, it is enough to wet it and get a perfectly even mortar layer with the required height and width. Such work is available to anyone who wants to build a house on their own!

My patent search showed that there is no such product in the world, and this allowed me to register a patent.

Patent in Russia received - RU 2 696 728.

The pct application was also published in WIPO: WO/2019/216789, i.e., the novelty and the possibility of registering a patent in the national phase in all 152 countries-parties to the PCT Patent Cooperation Treaty was confirmed.

Briefly about Honeycomb tape.

Honeycomb tape (HT) - a product in the form of a tape, consisting of inextricably linked mini bags (honeycomb), evenly filled with a working mixture. The figure below shows some possible cell locations on Honeycomb tape.

To make HT you need:

1. moisture-permeable fabric or film (soluble or insoluble in water);

2. working mixture;

3. if necessary, reinforcement - reinforcing wires or reinforcing mesh.

The main properties of HT are, namely:

- the ability to glue materials together will make it possible to connect bricks, blocks, slabs, etc .; plaster the walls of the building due to the HT property of adhesion to masonry materials; form a concrete layer with or without reinforcement;

- the ability to stick together and form a mortar or concrete monolith from both heavy and lightweight concrete, including the reinforcement of all types of products obtained, will allow HT to be used in the following areas:

• hydraulic structures;

• bank protection structures;

• fortifications;

• fire protection (fire retardant coating);

• concrete coating of frame structures and hangars;

• concrete coating of pipes;

• building:

- foundation device;

- gluing bricks, blocks and slabs when laying walls;

- installation of concrete floors;

- concrete covering of the roofing system;

- plastering of walls;

- arrangement of blind areas, etc .;

• road construction;

• landscape design;

• medicine and others,

for more details - on the website:

What problems do I currently need to solve

Now I am faced with the task of introducing Honeycomb tape into production and making its use available to everyone. And for this, first of all, you need to create an MVP (minimum viable product) model of Honeycomb tape.

Take photos of the model and products from Honeycomb tape. On the model, show the feasibility of the properties of Honeycomb tape - glue, for example, bricks or blocks, as well as glue together and form monolithic structures, for example, quickly erect dams.

Please help me create MVP model of Honeycomb tape

Thanks to your help, an innovative idea will turn into a specific product, first in the form of an MVP model, and then the production of Honeycomb tape will be organized on an industrial scale.

Honeycomb tape can also be produced in your country

To do this, it is enough for me to transfer the Honeycomb tape patent to the national phase in your country and transfer the patent ownership right for a fee. Registration of a patent in your country or in any other country costs up to $7,000.

I would be very happy if you provide me with an investment loan in the amount of $7,000 with an annual income of 50% for a period of up to 3 years. Then, in the shortest possible time, a patent will be registered in your country, and then the production of Honeycomb tape will be established. Any other loan amount is possible, divisible by $7,000, up to $ 1.1 million and with the same annual income of 50%. This will allow me to register a Honeycomb tape patent in almost every country in the world.

The field of application of Honeycomb tape is extensive. For example, in just one application in the construction of hydraulic structures, it will help to deal with natural disasters such as floods. In such cases, the use of Honeycomb tape will save the lives of many people and preserve their property, as well as the property of companies and the entire country. Moreover, flood threats are possible in almost any country in the world. Even this alone makes the patenting of Honeycomb tape important in many countries of the world. More details on the website: In the future, I will sell all patents.

I would be very grateful if you can invest in innovation in your country or in any other country. Thanks a lot in advance!

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