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Help order food for Covid-19 hit families in Kazakhstan

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Hello everyone,

My name is Aruzhan. I'm a Bachelors's student and I am currently staying in one of the worst epicenters for Covid-19 in the world: Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan re-enter the lockdown

Most countries are past the terrors of full lockdown, overfilled hospitals and exponentially growing deaths numbers. But for Kazakhstan, the nightmare has only now begun.

Kazakhstan became the first country to re-enter the lockdown, and was recently announced to be leading in the number of growing cases. Due to the poor conditions of the healthcare, and government's late response, people in rural areas, and not only, don't have access to medication or spots in medical facilities.

All of us have relatives now, who died due to Coronavirus, and unless something is done now, numbers will keep growing. There is no other choice left, but to try, and collect the funds ourselves.

About CovidHelp Kazakhstan Project

Recently I and my friends have begun a social project - CovidHelp Kazakhstan in order to help relieve the situation for many families who suffered due to the lockdown, loss of jobs, lack of medication in the pharmacies, and lack of funds to buy those medications.

There are currently 19 cities in Kazakhstan which we can reach, and offer our support.

Unfortunately, due the country-wide lockdown situation right now, we cannot physically visit these places for the next 2 weeks. However, there is an open platform we have - where anyone in need of support can send a request. There are currently more than 1000 requests for medication, food, and financial support.

Let's support Kazakhstan families and beyond

However, as it would be incredibly hard, and practically impossible to help everyone, our initial goal is to help 50 families from the list in various amounts. Our existing group of volunteers personally contact people who made requests and are currently in particularly difficult situations (no money for food or medication), talked to them, and determine the best way we can help - by either sending financial funds or by ordering and paying for their medication (vitamin c, anitpyretics), masks and disinfectants.

Our current budget goal needed to help the 50 families in various amounts depending on their situation (from 10$-50$+) is 1000-1500$.

All earned resources will be re-directed to the families and people who are in need of food and medication in areas which were hit the worst. We can constantly provide the proof that 100% of collected funds have been transferred (we keep track and reports from people who received the funds).

You can check our Instagram page of this project @covid_help_kz

I am hoping for help from everyone, who can, to help end it as fast as possible!

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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