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Please help me raise fund for my heart surgery

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Hi everyone! My name is Judy Ann Gacula. I'm 23 years old and I'm from the Philippines.

I work as costumer support.

I had a heart problems since 2014, but this year I have found out that I have valvular heart disease.

I'm raising funds for my surgery treatment to replace the mitral valve of my heart.

Rheumatic heart disease became valvular heart disease

When I was 18 years old, I went to the doctor and he found a murmur in my heart. He suggested me to do more test, and finally I was diagnosed rheumatic heart disease, maybe caused because of a congenital reason, as I was born premature (7months). Or maybe due to strep bacteria/infection that led to rheumatic fever disease.

My daily activity was not really affected on that time. I also had a routine of heart examination every year. But this year, I started to get tired easily, it's hard to breathe and I often feel pain in my chest and palpitations too.

Because of that symptoms, I did 2nd echo and do more examination, and my doctor found that my heart has enlarged to 5.7cm (A normal heart size is 4.5-5cm).

This was due to my heart trying its best to pump oxygenated blood. As the valve is damaged the oxygenated blood could flow back to the lungs as her valve is not closing properly.

Because of that damage, the doctor suggested to do surgery for mitral valve replacement.

There is a risk to have heart failure

Event though I still can do my daily activity, it is hard for me to do heavy daily activities. I easily get tired and it's hard to breathe, especially my work as I need to walk a lot.

Even though it is not an urgent matter, if I just leave it, it will get worse in the future.

After the 2nd echo, doctor said that if I didn’t perform surgery to replace my heart valve, it will turn into heart failure. The cost will be more expensive and it will became more risk too.

I can't save money because of the circumstances

In 2014, my father stopped working, but I also managed to get a job too, so I am glad that I have been able to support my family, whose raised me!

Even though, my mom is also still working, she just sews bags at home and her income is not so much. Only my mother and I have income in my family.

I do have a brother, but he already has his own family so his income is mainly used for his own family. And my younger brother currently still studying.

The distance from my home and workplace is very far. I think I get tired easily because of my health and a tiring journey, so I decided to live in a dormitory that is located near my workplace.

I use my salary to rent the dormitory and send some money for my mum for house renting fee, also some of their daily necessities and some support for my brother school fee. That is why I cannot do much saving. I barely make a living.

Details on needed funds

To perform the surgery, I need 613.442 Philippine peso ($11.640). But for now, I want to raise 2000$ first! If I can get more than that, I will be more grateful! I also try to write a proposal to the Philippines government, trying to get some assistance if they can cover for the support.

I want to do surgery and replace my mitral heart valve as soon as I collected enough money. Even though it is not urgent matter, but if I just leave it for too long time, it will turn into heart failure. That is why, I want to perform surgery as soon as possible

I will try little by little to save money, and also for now I tried to reach government for some assistance. I'm really grateful for all your help! Thank you in advance!

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