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I want to help a kitten that fell from my flat blocks

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My name is Alejandro, I am a student and I live in Buenos Aires. On Monday night in the neighborhood of Almagro (CABA) we found an injured cat in the street, the wounds looked serious as he was bleeding from his eyes, mouth, and nose. 

We went to a local veterinarian, but they didn't help him much, in fact, they didn't even do a study to check if he was internally injured because of the visibility of his wounds on his face, and they gave us a possible diagnosis for his condition, apparently, he fell off a building. So we decided to ask for a second opinion in another veterinarian (UCI Veterinary Clinic), where the previous diagnosis was confirmed, and he was immediately hospitalized. They performed x-rays, a blood test, and applied medications (analgesics, serum, and anti-inflammatory drugs).

The diagnosis confirmed that he has a fractured lower jaw on both sides. 

Benito needs two operations: the first, so that he can eat (esophagostomy, according to the vet), which consists of placing a tube connected directly to the esophagus and coming out of his mouth -$4100-, and the second, to reconstruct his jaw -$18,000. In addition to this you need a blood test which is   before the surgeries - $900 -.   With the consultations in the veterinary clinics, studies, hospitalization, and the medicines we have run out of money and urgently need these operations so that it can be fed in the first place. All these clinical expenses have a total of $23,000 (Argentinean pesos), that is why we need your help, as we do not have this amount of money. Please help us to get Benito back to eat and have a life full of well-being and health!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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