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I need dental treatment

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My name is Sheila Maureen Ariza Ariza.

I am a sister, aunt, I am 41 years old.

I was born in Peru and I’ve been settled in San Fernando, in the sixth region of Chile for 10 years.

During these ten years I have been in Chile, I have performed various tasks like most immigrants: I have performed cleaning tasks, as a domestic worker, I have worked in the fields and other tasks.

However, the area in I usually look for work is in Cash and in Logistics since I have experience in those areas . 

I am currently looking for work because I’m unemployed.

I need a dental treatment that includes: Periodontics treatment. And replace 5 damaged teeth with 5 dental implants.

More than 11 years ago I had fixed prostheses (a dental bridge and an inlay). Here is the reason why I need to replace them with dental implants.

- My fixed prosthetics are deteriorating.

- The dental pieces on which these prostheses are fixed are deteriorating. These dental pieces are not whole or complete, that is, only a fraction of them remain.

- The deterioration of the fixed prostheses and the deterioration of the teeth on which these fixed prostheses are placed are generating Another health problem: a terrible halitosis.

- The deteriorated teeth that I need to replace with dental implants are the molars, without these I will not be able to feed and nourish myself properly.

- And halitosis affects me in many aspects of life: in a social, emotional, psychological, work, family sense and affects my health

In the photos you can verify the total budget which includes: extraction of the dental piece, placement of the implant and dental crown, the bone graft that is sometimes required in this type of operation. Each one costs 1,000,000 Chilean pesos.

1,000,000 Chilean pesos, converted to the dollar in Chile, is approximately 1,550 dollars. Therefore, for the 5 implants I need $ 7,750.

Periodontal treatment costs 144,000 Chilean pesos, which converted to the dollar in Chile is approximately $ 200.

In Summary:

$ 7,750 (5 implants)

The total amount I need to collect is $ 8,000.

I need to collect this amount as soon as possible.

With this money I will be able to pay for dental treatment in a particular Clinic, since the system of public health in Chile, does not have coverage for dental implants and periodontics treatment.

As a member of society I strive to satisfy my needs with work and effort, but this need for health is beyond my reach (Even if I could raise the money on my own, it would take me several years) and due to the risk of losing my teeth and the halitosis it causes me, I urgently need to cover it in the short term.

Please help me reach the goal. All donations, even the smallest ones, will contribute to the success of this campaign.

I will be deeply grateful to all of you

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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