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Come listen to my story, of a dream boy

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My name is Oliver Rodriguez, I am 23 years old, I am a student of sound technologist, currently I live with my mother, I am from the Dominican Republic, a very Caribbean country with many beautiful beaches of good people and exquisite Caribbean food, I invite you to come here, you will have a great time. :)

Who am I?

From a very young age I have liked music, I feel it, I live it, I enjoy it, I am passionate and I like to create it, my head is a musical instrument, the reason why I am still alive, is because of the music, without music I feel empty, as if I was not part of this world, music is like part of my DNA.

In 2017 I started university, studied sound technologist, my career was paid for by a politician, because I come from a low-income family, in which I could not afford to pay for my career, because the cost was very high, I was very happy at that time because I was taking the next step to achieve one of my goals.

Studying what I like so much was an achievement for me, because it was going to help me, take one more step where I want to go.

At that time when I was at university everything was fine, until a time came, that the person who was paying for my career stopped doing it, in which I had to go to him, to look for the money, To pay for the semester of the university, where I was assaulted by a street criminal, this because the area I was in, I did not know it well at all, because I was new in that place and I was just getting acquainted with the area.

From that day that they assaulted me, everything started to go down, the reason for this because they take away the money from paying 2 semester of university, from that moment I went into depression, because the person who paid for me the university He couldn't give me more money, so I had to go home, which was 6 hours away.

When I got home, I felt a respite, because I was far from the place where I was assaulted, where I had to continue from home to study what I like, which is music production, sound design for film and audiovisuals, also in the course of That time I learned to do live performance, with YouTube tutorials, so I had to look for a job to be able to buy the equipment I needed, but not everything was rosy for a while.

I was fired from work, at the end of 2019, with a sum of money, just to keep me for 2 months at most, because I did not have much time in that job, when 2020 comes, my country is starting to talk about viruses, in which we were quarantined across the country on March 17.

Since the beginning of the year until now, I am unemployed, all my savings went to pay for the house, food and other resources to support us during the quarantine.

What problem do I want to solve?

All this that has happened to me, has created depression and a lot of stress, for which, I am not eating well, just I can do the housework, my mind is very cloudy, sometimes I hit the wall and I even cry, because of the situation I am in and my mother, but this part that I am telling you here, my mother does not know yet, why I do not want to worry her more than she is, and the reason for this , is, why we owe 2 months of house rent, among other things, such as loans, I want to help her, but I don't even get a call about work, every day, I go to the internet, to look for a job in the area in the I live, I go to places and even nothing, currently we are not in quarantine.

Why do you need that amount of money?

The reason why I need approximately 1,500 dollars, in total I need a larger amount, but it will be enough to advance the rent of the house and loans, with the amount that is left over, they will be used to buy some study equipment that I need, like headphones and an audio card, because my laptop has a damaged card and I am using an adapter.

How am I going to use the funds raised?

Manage to finish my musical project and some service that I offer as content editor for networks, to help my mother, I could tell you a lot more about me and my project, if you are interested to know more about me, I leave you my instagram and my personal email.

Instagram: @oliverjuniordt


My goal is to give my mother a house of my own, with my achievements and my sweat with what I like to do so much, is to inspire, help others, and above all create music that the person feels identified, so As I sit down to listen to it, another one of my goals is to create a foundation for the protection and care of animals, and to help young entrepreneurs with their business idea and artistic project.

Here I leave you a link to unfinished musical projects due to lack of resources for which I do not have now, and performances when I was in university.

Thank you very much for your support, maybe right now I have no way to thank you for it, but the one up there, yes. :)

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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