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We are NANAO, a foundation that with much dedication and love, has accepted the mission of rescuing vulnerable kittens and puppies from helplessness, abandonment and difficult conditions.

We, NANAO, save animals

We do not stop receiving, every day, mainly in Bogotá Colombia but also in towns near this city, cases of kittens and puppies that have been found on the street, feline and canine about to give birth in street condition. Newborn animals lying around, malnourished kittens and puppies, mistreated and often with difficult diseases from any corner of the city.

A hard but beautiful work

Many resources are necessary to be able to support all the expenses that this work requires, food, sand, home, medicines, sterilizations, veterinary expenses, etc.


And although, we are eager and we look for all the means to save more lives, the economic resources were exhausted, because, due to the economic crisis that the COVID-19 has brought for all of us, it has been difficult for the NANAO members, make the financial contribution that we used to make.

Three specific cases have come to us in the last month that have made us go through difficult times in Nanao.

(1) A pregnant kitten

A pregnant kitten (among many others who are in our passing homes) who suffered an abortion and had to undergo a cesarean section to save her only baby. Now she is recovering.

(2) Wounded kitten

Another case was a very small kitten who was found on the street with a broken leg and had to have surgery to save him.

(3) A kitten with cancer

And finally a kitten found in the street in very bad condition. During the exams, were found that she had cancer and now she is looking for help so she can be saved.

We need your support!

In order to deal with those and many more cases, we owe a large amount of money on veterinary expenses in addition to food and medicine expenses.

We need to raise enough money soon to pay our debts to the veterinary clinic that has helped us so much, and also to make a good investment in food, vitamins and medicines for the next run.

We need your support to save more and more lives of kittens and puppies that after being recovered and cheered are given up for adoption to fill many homes and families with happiness and love!


I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share about my project!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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