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Alternative pastime place to help people socialize more

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Hello! I got inspired by a team that is really passionate about what they do. That's the story of a promising local that caught my attention and urged me to help them by posting it hear, on Airfunding (unfortunately the guy doesn't speak English): "I always wanted to have a place in my city where people would not only relax, but also spend time with benefit. There are many places where you can come to drink, dance, just kill time, etc.. But this is not enough.

People lose their communication skills, often sit on the phones at the same table, and sometimes even don't leave their houses, because hey are tired of just coming to eat, drink and leave again. My friends and I always wanted to find a place where our big company can accommodate, because it is not always possible to get together at someone's party. Even though you can find some space for a large company in a cafe, it’s usually not possible to accommodate so that everyone can hear, see and communicate with each other. If I can’t find such a place in the city, then I have to create it. This is a good alternative to clubs and mindless spending time.

I came up with the concept of a "game bar", where there's enough space for as small as big companies, you can play board games that will make it possible not only to have fun, but also to get to know each other better, conduct team building and not puzzle over what to talk about, if people gathered together are not so close to each other. It is also possible to conduct various events in there, such as: a week of free cinema, a console game competition etc.

The place has been opened since November 2019 and we've been constantly improving rooms, the variety of games we offer, our special offers (as gifts for flyer, give-aways, movie weeks, free console games etc.).

I also tried to collaborate with bloggers in order to enlarge the number of people who at least heard of the place.

The place helps me realize my desire to bring together the residents of our city and teach them how to communicate again and value time, rather than staring at phone for days or get drunk in bars.

Almost everything has already been done. We, my team and I, did almost all the renovations ourselves, repainted the walls, made several photo zones, hung the floodlights for a better game of Just Dance, added LEDs for more comfort, installed new consoles, hung the blinds, shelves with board games and etc.. Of course, people love beautiful places, so there is no limit to perfection and later we would like to invest more in the interior, but now the priority is a new sign and advertising for the place. Those finances, which I'd saved, were spent on improving the rooms, an assortment of board games and games on consoles. Due to the crisis, I also can’t keep staff and effort to pay them competitive salary. Many work places in the city are being closed, so it’s important for me to also give people jobs.

As mentioned I've already invested all the possible funds I had in the place that's why I need the co-creators in order to make the last steps in pushing the idea to being productive and attracting customers".

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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