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Granpa’s comfortable goodbye without the tubes

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Note: Lolo- grandpa 

Due to the pandemic a lot of us in our family had lost their jobs and income. During the start of the lockdown Lolo Manuel had been admitted due to the water in his lungs and then after diagnosed as STAGE 4 LUNG CANCER he is 75 years old; this is a man without any sort of vices.

Our small family is currently scattered across the world (16 of us in total and only 5 still has their jobs). Some here in metro Manila, one in Zamboanga on a religious mission, some in the USA, and one working as an OFW in Saudi Arabia. No matter what currency we earn either in Peso, Dollar, or Riyal, CANCER WILL TAKE ITS TOLL ON YOU FASTER THAN EXPECTED. It will consume you financially, emotionally and mentally.

Among our family I am the only one who was able to make it home to our Lolo here in Aklan. A lot of cancellations and tears were shed as the weeks passed by. We were stuck at home and couldn’t get to him. The rest of the family is still trying to come home and hoping for the best to stop the cancellations of their flights and trips.

At 23 years old I never thought I would be carrying this weight on my shoulders but I get by because of my love for my Lolo and my family. At 23 years old I made a decision for my Lolo’s life. The Doctor asked us to decide whether to intubate him or not. He also said it is best to just let him go. So at 23 years old, alone with my grandpa’s niece in a hospital, I signed the DO NOT RESUSCITATE and DO NOT INTUBATE agreement. I didn’t know that with an ink of a pen it will all end; I decided for Lolo Papa’s life in behalf of our family. We had decided for DNR and DNI because we can longer take seeing him suffer and be in pain. He also had given up and trusted his life to our God.

Right now the cancer already METASTASISED HIS BRAIN and the complications are already present. He would often restrain and scream and cry in so much pain because of it. He had to be transferred to different ICU because his presence has been stressful to the other patients.

Our only wish at this point, which is the cause of this fundraiser, is to give him a comfortable final goodbye. And it takes money to do that.

The money that will be collected to this fundraiser will be used for the following:

• His FINAL HOSPITAL BILL before I take him home.• Money to pay the helpers as I take care of him at home because he would often restrain. • Comfort needs at home. • His burial in the near future.

You probably do not know him as much as we do of course but he is VERY silly if you ask me. He once painted his entire house bright yellow just because it is my favorite color, everything is just yellow as if you are in a minions den. He collected cans and trash just to buy us gifts. He sold cigarettes and candies to jeepneys to get me a nice dress as I turned a year old. He stayed 24 hrs in the NICU to watch me and make sure I was okay and not switched with other babies, he is the first man who have held me as a newborn. I am probably talking so much about us. You should know he taught me to be ALWAYS grateful and generous. to the blessings I received and to the people with me on my journey. He had helped people financially and in other aspects since he was young until the last day he was physically able to. He always tries to be helpful and giving. He is a man of a few words but he is very kind, loving, thoughtful, giving and grateful.

Manuel Navida- Roma Sr., loved me so much the way I never thought I deserve and a person is capable of giving but at the same time it also entails the unimaginable pain of letting him go and losing him. My only prayer is for you to just close your eyes and leave peacefully without feeling any of the pain anymore lolo. I love you so much Lolo Papa.

Please do not hesitate to donate. Nothing is little when it means so much. Any amount will do, we will cherish and make sure it will be put into good cause. Also don’t forget to pray for him and our family. Thank you!

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