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I want to make a drain in my parents' house.

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Hello my friend. My name is Vasiliy. I live in the small provincial town of Labinsk. It is located in the south of Russia. We live 100 kilometers from the Black Sea. Our city is small, poor and very quiet. But the sun always shines here.

My parents live in their cozy house, which was built 40 years ago. All this time they did not have a normal sewage system. And the toilet itself is on the street, in the yard. My mom and dad are no longer young as before, and I want to create pleasant conditions for them for old age. I am a loving child of my parents and I value them very much.

Until now, we have carried out all the work on the creation of a drainage (sewer) well on our own. Practically by hand, without the use of special construction equipment, we dug a hole four meters deep. Scratching the ground with a crowbar and a pitchfork, we pulled up about two tons of stones and earth.

At the moment, we have already developed an estimate and a plan for laying underground drains. And we have already chosen the size of the reinforced concrete rings, which we will lower into the pit. We hope to acquire them together with you. The total budget for our project is slightly over $300.

Since this amount is quite significant for me alone, it was decided to break it down into smaller ones and assemble it in parts. I have already invested part of these funds ($ 100) and purchased plumbing fixtures. For the remaining financial aid, we will buy "rings", a concrete cover of the well, sewer pipes. We can pay for the delivery of goods as well as the installation of all communications using special construction equipment.

We want to have time to finish our business before the end of the summer and we believe that we will succeed. $ 200 is a lot of money for me. True. To tell the truth, I don't know what to give you in return. I can’t offer you anything material, but over the spiritual I work. Let's do this: I am personally ready to share with you the whole process of my project both in video reports and in detailed photos, and I will gladly answer all your questions, as well as tell my parents about you so that they know that miracles of help and support exist.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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