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"Raising funds for Alberto's surgery he needs to survive”

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First and foremost, We greatly appreciate your taking some of your valuable time to read our Campaign that we started with the aim of raising funds for my husband Alberto, who is my life partner for the last 21 years, my best friend, and the person who makes me laugh the most. We live in the city of Cancun, Mexico, where we met. Alberto is a condominium administrator and I tell you that on July 15 he will be 57 years old.

Today we need your support because Alberto requires a surgical resolution as soon as possible with a Sigmoidectomy or left Hemicolectomy with mechanical colorectal Anastomosis due to a Diverticular Disease of Colon, he has presented four episodes of Diverticulitis which have greatly complicate the condition. Confirmed by a recent double-contrast abdominal tomography has recently been diagnosed with Hinchey II Diverticulitis in addition showed the formation of a colo-vesical fistula.

Alberto's situations es even more serious due to two situations that have arisen:

First: a very large abscess (pus pocket) formed in the sigmoid, which caused the intestine to stick to the bladder, this is the so-called colo-vesical fistula, which can be perforated, passing the feces to the bladder, thus polluting his entire body.

Second: independently of the intrinsic risk of surgery of this nature, this one is considered an extremely high-risk procedure because of a recently detected clot in his right foot that showed he has increased blood thickness causes by a growing presence of red blood cells (erythrocytes). This makes the blood much thicker (more viscous), decreasing blood flow to certain areas of the body, which can cause excessive and inappropriate blood clotting (thrombosis).

Due to the problem of the clot, he now has to take anti-coagulants, which require a strict protocol for surgery, suspending them days before the surgery, and administering enoxaparin for 15 (fifteen) days in order to avoid massive bleeding during surgery.

This surgery, the sigmoidectomy, or left hemicolectomy with mechanical colorectal anastomosis, which consists of the removal of a section of the large intestine (descending colon and sigmoid colon) and approximately 50 centimeters of the intestine. They must also drain the abscess that formed in the sigmoid in addition to separating the intestine from the bladder.

The urgent need for this surgery is based on all the above-detailed explanations and the imminent risk of peritonitis, which can lead to a severe, potentially life-threatening infection throughout his body. To prepare for surgery Alberto must follow a strict preoperative medical protocol for 15 (fifteen) days.

How are we going to use the funds you contribute?

$17,800 (seventeen thousand eight hundred dollars) are required for this surgery, which includes:

1. Preoperative medications for 15 (fifteen) days,

2. Professional fees of the Gastroenterologist Surgeon and his medical team,

3. Hospitalization expenses for 7 (seven) days, operating room, and specialized equipment to avoid clotting.

4. Postoperative medications for 15 (fifteen) days

5. Commission and administrative expenses of the Air funding.

When Funds Are Needed:

Funds are required as soon as possible because the risk of peritonitis is permanent.

About campaign creator:

I am Edith Pérez, Alberto's wife, and together with our family and friends, we want to thank you in advance for your precious support and understanding so Alberto can undergo this urgent surgery and recover his health.

We had planned that at this time, the surgery would be performed through social security that has magnificent specialists, however, what we did not anticipate was the covid-19 that overwhelms medical centers. The result is that social security will not perform this surgery a real emergency occurs, which in simple words is that the bladder and intestine are perforated. At that time his life would be in danger.

Very sincerely yours,

Some testimonies about Alberto:

“Alberto is a loyal, honest person, committed to his responsibilities, with a special charisma, he is a person who always looks out for others, honorable, is a very good friend, handles adversities with professionalism and solves regardless of the circumstances of the situation, always ready to serve with pleasure, he is very happy, he shares his intellectual capacity in support of others, few people remain like him, he is a great guy”.


“I am Gabriela, Alberto's sister. Since our childhood, my brother and I have been "accomplices", friends, we always did a lot of mischiefs together. He is the wittiest and fun person I have ever met, even when I remember the things she does, wherever she is, she is able to make me laugh.

From a very young age, he always made our mother laugh, whom she cared for with love and dedication, regardless of the magnitude of the physical and economic efforts that she had to make her as comfortable as possible until she left us.


“I am Rodrigo, his nephew, Gaby's son. I have always seen my uncle as a very special person, whom I greatly admire. My uncle has always sought the welfare of others, be it his family, friends, or whoever needs it. Now, for reasons of life, it is he who today needs the support of all those who find in their hearts the generosity to do so. I will always thank you with all my heart for any donation you can support. ”


Hello, I am Marta Alonzo, I have 20 years of having the privilege of working as Alberto's assistant, but even more, of having built a very beautiful friendship. Throughout my working life I have been fortunate to work with several people who have been excellent human beings but no one like Alberto, who cares and cares for the well-being of his collaborators, both in terms of work, personal, and family. If he does well, all of us who work with him do well. Economically many families depend on Alberto, if he could not work, unfortunately, many people would be out of work, and today, with the situation that the world is going through, it will be very difficult for all the people who work for him to find a good job. I firmly believe that if you give help in your life without expecting anything, life returns it to you and it is time for Alberto to receive the blessing of help he deserves.


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