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Help Paola. Her health is in your hands

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Hi, how are you?

I hope you are well with the current situation in the world, I want to tell you our story.

My name is Offir Teran Aldino I am 35 years old, I am the manager of a small parking lot that because of the pandemic generates absolutely nothing in tickets and my wife Eliana Munive Motolinia is 30 years old, an English and French teacher who because of the pandemic and the pregnancy has to work from home.

We are a family of values and very good habits, we were taught that children are a blessing from God, so we decided to do all the necessary studies to make sure that "Paola", as we have decided to call her,  was growing healthy and according to the weeks of gestation, so far and after having gone to different specialists we know that structurally everything has gone well, but a few weeks after delivery, consulting another specialist tells us that we have to make more studies to our little Paola, among which is an ultrasound with a radiologist and the diagnosis of a geneticist, both specialists in such cases, to ensure that there is no risk at the brain or genetic level and even  any complications at the time of birth,  where we were also asked by the gynecologist  the presence of  a neonatologist. The specialist warned us that during his first year of life we must continue to carry out studies and make regular visits to see that his development is the best and to detect in time any sequela that could prevent his development from being adequate. The birth must be scheduled between August 15 and 30 depending on the diagnosis and recommendations given to us by the new specialists.

That is why we decided to make this campaign to raise funds both to cover all the studies prior to birth, and to be able to pay the fees of the neonatologist at birth and for the studies that have to be done to our baby during the first hours of birth and in her first year of life, without neglecting the monthly bills that even with the pandemic must follow and especially even that the loans with the banks have been denied, or if there is someone who can lend us the amount of $5000 USD, we are willing to pay month by month without fail the amount that we can until the balance is completely paid, without neglecting the payments of other monthly bills.

We look forward to your understanding and support.

The Teran Munive Family gives them a big, strong hug.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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