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To see or not to see, here is the dilemma

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Good morning, good afternoon and good night (depending on what time you read this).

I am Andrés, I am 23 years old, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and this is my project:

I am a young migrant, affected by the pandemic

I arrived in this beautiful country a little over a year ago, it has been quite a journey, emigrating is not easy.

Until a few months ago everything was excellent, I had a stable job, I was beginning to stabilize myself and little by little I was saving for my future goals.

Unfortunately, thanks to the pandemic, I lost my job and with it all my savings as well. Since I had to (still must) stay home and survive on what I had, little by little, I lost the little stability that I had achieved. It's the reason why I created this project.

I am a person with farsightedness and strabismus

I want to make it clear that I do not intend to hurt or even pretend to be someone in need, I am aware that there are people going through circumstances worse than mine due to the current context. But this is about something very important to me, my health, my vision.

I am a person with farsightedness and strabismus, from an early age I was diagnosed with these ocular abnormalities and since then I have learned to live with it. From time to time, as usual, I must change the formula, if I do not do it when it corresponds to me, I begin to develop severe headaches, significant flaws in my vision and tremendous fatigue due to eye fatigue, over time all these factors they become stronger and more unbearable.

This time it is almost impossible for me to pay for the treatments, that is, glasses and contact lenses. I must mention that I have never worn contact lenses, it would be my first time. I must use them now, since, beyond an aesthetic question, they are very practical and would help me a lot to improve my condition.

Help me treat my vision failure

I must change the formula as soon as possible, due to pain and vision failure. $400 USD is enough for me to get the treatment I need. My prescription is not cheap (nor easy, for the opticians), due to the high formula. I have always had it in mind. I set a goal for a month, I am not sure if it will be fulfilled, but I will keep the hope as it is the last thing we should lose, according to what people say.

To all those who can help, I will be tremendously grateful. Thanks.

To see or not to see, here is the dilemma.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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