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Help Bali tourism workers survive from COVID-19

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We are gathering of tourism workers in Bali who are suffered from non-paid furlough. We have worked as a security hotel, cook, house keeping, a front office and receptionist.

Covid 19 has brought drastic downward change for us tourism workers in Bali.

Bali was closed in early April cause Covid 19 and since then, we as tourism workers have been totally paralyzed without income.

We do a variety of ways to survival. So that our wives who are usually not the backbone of the family have to work hard at this difficult time. Bali especially tourism object have been totally closed , and we are really in big trouble because in Bali almost 85% only rely on the world of tourism. The circulation of the economy is very limited so we have difficulty earning income.

The government has tried as much as possible, but the number of victims infected by covid 19 is increasing in Bali, so most of the goverment's funds are for handlers of those who are infected. We only get 600,000 rupiahs ( it's mean $40 USD ) per month which is not enough to feed us as a family, and not to mention the money for children education, electricity bills, debt fees and others. That is why we try to raise fund so that we can make capital to open a home-based bussiness, such as selling snacks, opening stall for basic needs or for trading capital. Which we will divide $100 per person because there are 15 of us.

Your help will help us survive.

in Bali there is still an increase in covid infection. Causing continued retreat in the area of tourism for visitors outside island and abroad. So the economic spin is getting stuck. If we only rely on calls from the company where we work, it will take a long time. And we are afraid of being unable to survive . With the collected money, we would use it for each of us to open a small home-bassed business, for example to trading around, opening a small shop, producing chips, and selling basic needs.

As a thank you, I will draw a caricature picture for you.

Send your photos to email ( after the donation, then I will answer with a caricature image from your portrait. Any donation would be meaningful to us. I would really appreciate you for caring so much about us. May the world especially Bali, return to normal again. Because we've been suffering so much for the last three months. And thank you very much for your generosity.

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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