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Hi, Romeo is one of my childhood friends. Recently, he fell on hard times. Here is his story.

Hi my name is Romeo from the Philippines. I am here asking for some help for me to start over again. It started by me having Pneumonia and got better. Then I got sick again and was let go from my work due to absences. I had another checkup and was told it was pneumonia again. I bought the medication with my own money because I have no healthcare. Then I wasn't getting better. By this point I had no help from anyone, my dad died, but couldn't visit him because he was living in the province and with my health declining and little to no funds to go there. Soon my girlfriend left me too. My mom who I haven't seen for years came back into my life being escorted by the police, she is a stroke survivor and her left side is no longer functioning. She was escorted because she was left at the side of the road in our city. Thankfully the cops saw her and ask her why she's there. She was dropped off by her family because they can no longer take care of her (FYI we are a broken family and while I was with my mom since a kid I was kicked out when she was sick because of family drama). That said I took her in despite being sick and no income. By then I was still getting worse and came a point I was rushed to the ER because I could no longer breath. There they said I was supposed to talk to a hematologist and oncologist. Problem was I had no money and here in the Philippines, looking for an oncologist and hematologist in a public hospital is difficult. I went to a radio program to ask for help despite having no funds by this point (a friend lent me money). Though I wasn't broadcast at the show they did give me a paper as proof I went there and to give it to the city hall, they should be able to help. Now, I had nothing left in my pocket and I contacted my friend and took me home. Another friend tried to take care of the paperwork with the city hall but went nowhere. Eventually a friend helped me go to a doctor a last time and was referred to TBDOTS. There I got medicine and help medically.

I'm sorry this turned into a novel. But that's my story.

I'm humbling myself so that I would have some funds for me to be able to buy a laptop and pocket Wi-Fi because I am not able to get a good enough work from home with my cellphone and mobile data and it's difficult to find money for me and my mom's daily needs.

I understand that not every day my friends can help me get by and that they have money to provide, but I was hoping that by chipping in bit by bit I can raise funds for me to be able to work and be able to help me and my mom survive.

I'm humbling myself and hoping you can help. For donations, you may send them here. I just need enough to buy what I need, nothing more, nothing less and I'll let you guys know if we reached our goal.

Thank you so much and I'm sorry for any bother I may have caused.

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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