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How are you?

I hope you are safe and well. My name is Dawn, a medical frontline essential worker here in Cebu, Philippines.

Cebu has been greatly affected by the pandemic

We currently have the highest number of cases in the whole country. Some of our families and friends have slowly succumbed to the disease, economy has fallen, hospitals are packed with patients infected by the disease and there is scarcity of medication. There is a long line of patients waiting to be admitted of around 50-80 patients per hospital per day and more deceased patients pile up everyday for bodies to be cremated. Health care workers are quarantined increasingly each day as the number of cases rise. This results to poor manpower in our hospitals. We are not winning yet. We live in fear and anxiety every day.

The story of a frontline worker family who fought against COVID-19

Currently, one of my colleague’s parents are experiencing respiratory symptoms. His father is admitted at one of the hospitals here in Cebu. He is Covid-19 positive.

His father has been experiencing cough and intermittent fever for a couple of days. My friend went on leave to closely monitor his parents. Last Saturday (July 18, 2020), he was rushed to the Emergency Room due to shortness of breath. Upon arrival at the ER, patient’s blood oxygen levels were critically low and he has difficulty breathing. Covid-19 tests were done. My friend’s father is Covid-19 positive and my friend is not.

My friend is taking care of his father in the hospital and risking his own life. He had to leave his mother alone at home with respiratory symptoms and checks on her through video call and reminds her to take her medication.

Because of this pandemic it is difficult to find another person to take care of his mother who is a close contact of a confirmed positive patient. His mother is still waiting for her swab results. I cannot imagine how my friend feels right now. His father is fighting for his life and his mother is at home alone. He is an only son.

His father is 67 years old. He is hypertensive, diabetic and asthmatic. He is a high risk Covid-19 patient. He is also one of our retired police officers. He is a senior citizen who has served the community during his younger years.

The struggle of frontline essential workers

No one was ready during this global pandemic. Local government placed communities in lock down and enhanced community quarantine was implemented. We were lost. We are afraid to go home to our families after work. We have become high risk persons who can unknowingly carry the virus to our own family. Our medic team opted to rent a house/apartment.

Looking back, I cannot begin to describe how difficult it was to find a suitable apartment. No one was accepting new lodgers because of the virus. Most of the leasors were scared to rent a space for us because of our profession.

We are low in funds. Hazard pay and government help did not happen yet. We were all on our own.

My friend and his family went out of their way and offered an extra space from their own home. We were desperate and God gave us a blessing through my friend’s family. They could have continued living without helping us and yet they did. They are aware of the risk we might bring into their home, but they willingly opened their home and hearts to us. Good people are rare but a blessing. This family opened their own home (for 3 months without asking for a penny) when we were almost homeless during the quarantine. They are God’s grace to us. The gesture of hope given by God to remind us that even with the anxiety and fear of being in the frontline God is still watching over us. Words cannot explain how thankful I am for their generosity and kindness.

Please support me to help this kindhearted family

Now, I hope and pray to return that kindness by making this Airfunding project. Please bear with me because this is my first time to use this funding site. My friend’s family need our prayers. They also need help financially. They have exhausted their finances and humbly ask for financial help. They are looking for Tociluzumab an immunodepressant that cost around 50-60 thousand pesos per vial. Their current hospital bill is about 100 thousand pesos and more.

You may privately message us for any questions. You may donate any amount through this page. We may also provide bank details privately. Just message us anytime.

We need your prayers. We need your help. Please help us.

May God be with you during this global pandemic. God bless us all.

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