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Hi everyone,

I am Andrés Madrid, son of Elba, the owner of Elba´s and I come to you very grateful before hand to all those who read this.

About the Elba

Elba´s is our family restaurant, it started as an artisan pizzeria and in a short time (6 months) we opened a space in the hearts of our clients, offering them delicious pizzas at reasonable costs.

Our business is in Lima, Peru, Ate district, market July 21, local 53

We grew up from this place

We grew so that we went from this place (it was the one we could pay at the beginning) to a place which was better for our customer experience, and with a reduced space (therefore reduced cost as well).

Elba has an incredible future

This new location opened our ability to have 2 more points of sale, and with that, our family grew. We took clients who wanted to be part of our team to join us (I think they wanted free pizza xoxoxo) and Elba´s seemed to have an incredible future .

Full team photo:

Our business was paralyzed by the pandemic situation

Unfortunately, on March 15 of this year, a general quarantine was declared in Lima. As everyone knows, no business could open and our operations were paralyzed for 3 and a half months. It was 100 days that changed all the plans we had, 100 days unable to work.

After that, we could no longer sell at our points of sale and we could not reach our sales target because we were only allowed to sell with delivery.

Elba´s is a small, family business, which was not designed to sell pizza from home, despite of the fact that our value offer was artisan pizza and the warmth of a home. In short, everything we dream of would went to waste.

We have done our best to survive to the last resort

As a Venezuelan immigrants family, we know that we must fight harder and never give up, along with the funds that we had raised and our emergency fund we overcame the pandemic (by the hair of the pig), we changed our menu, we adapted everything to the new sanitary norms we adapt to the new reality, but most importantly, we adapt to the new way of selling.

We made delivery orders by walking door to door (we still do), since we did not have a motorcycle or bicycle for deliveries and it was impossible for us to pay for one and much less hire someone to make the deliveries. Still, against all odds, we survived the pandemic and Elba's continued its operations.

Sadly, all war has its consequences, and our business did not overcome this stage intact. We could not keep our collaborators, thus we were left without investment capital, without working capital and without personal savings. We spent our last soles on 1 banner as the only one advertising option.

You can support us, Venezuelan family business of immigrants to recover!

I made this campaign because as an immigrant, we do not have access to Peruvian financial system of loans, and if I want Elba's to grow I must invest in some important points. I go to you to request working capital and investment in the following points:

- An industrial gas fryer, since we have noticed that sales are going up and our bottleneck is in the kitchen, specifically in potato chips. (reached or achieved)

- An industrial gas oven, to double our capacity and increase our sales, since we have noticed that we are at maximum capacity in recent weeks.

- A motorcycle, electric motorcycle or bicycle, for orders, since our clients tell us that they would like our service to go further and continue to do it by walking door to door is impossible, this would also open a job for 1 delivery man.

- Advertising, both digital and physical, we do not have our few dishes on a menu, and many people do not know what we are selling or where, and the same clients tell us that they only find us by the recommendations of other clients.

- Working capital, basically for supplies and products, since we can find better prices in the manufacturers of the products, but, they request us purchases from a certain sum of money, so we could have better margins and achieve our goals for this year.

Millions of thanks to those who support us.

I had to tell you how important your help is to me, I would say that it is extremely important, in fact, I see you as Angels who come to our rescue in these very hard times, I did not want to create this campaign until when I was sure that we could make everything work again, I want everyone who supports us, at some point to come, eat with us and share the effort that now it happens to all of you too.

Millions of thanks to everyone who read this.

Millions of thanks and blessings to all.

Andrés Madrid.

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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