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Help me feed my refugee kittens!

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Every day dozens of animals are abandoned, left on the street, homeless, without food, and without love. Every day many of them die looking for food or warmth.

Animals do not know how to defend themselves, they only know how to love, they do not understand the evil of the world.

My friends called me Gary, I often voluntarily adopt a stray cat that has been abandoned and took care of them at my home.

Difficult times to continue took care abandoned cats during the pandemic

I rescued animals, I give them shelter, I give them a home and food, as far as possible I provide them with veterinary attention and everything they need.

Currently, I have many cats in transit, but due to the economic conditions in times of pandemic, it is really very difficult for me to feed them and I do not want to stop doing it. there are two very sick and a pregnant mother, who need veterinary attention and I cannot give them

with a lot of effort, I feed street cats, and also some dogs, I have about 25 at home, and I also go out to the street to walk and leave food where I know that kittens or dogs who have no home circulate, The costs of balanced meals have skyrocketed,

I have used my savings to buy in quantity but the reserves are running out, not to mention that sometimes some animals need veterinary attention, either due to illness or sterilization and others.

I never asked for help but the current situation complicates me financially since I have no monetary income. This request for help will be for the only time for this purpose.

Help me to continue feeding my rescued cats

I don't have a job at the moment and my reserves are running out, therefore it occurred to me to start this fundraiser for the only time, to be able to buy food, and supplies to save until that I can start generating income and thus guarantee the good stay of my rescued cats

I ONLY ASK FOR HELP TEMPORARILY, I never asked for help, I could always do it without help, but today I can no longer and they need to eat.

If you can donate, or share that it will help me until I can go back to work to give a better life to my refugees, help me ?.

Thank you so much in advance

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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