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Help me to go to Europe for work and study

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Hi, friends all over the world,

Some of my friends called me Kim Mosley, I am from Taiwan and have never studied at university.

However, I like the language and learned English by myself.

I doing my best to support my family

Since I was able to start working, I have taken the responsibility of my family. Because I did not go to university, my work encountered bottlenecks, and no job could exceed 30,000 Taiwan dollars

From the salary I got, I let alone more than half of them have to pay rent and family expenses. I have to spend 2/3 of my income on family members and bills

My salary is Low, I used to work on a construction site, but jobs that don’t generally require a college degree will hardly increase. So far, I haven’t saved any money for my application. So I hope to go abroad to accumulate experience and learn languages

A passion to work aboard and publishing a book

I have never been abroad. My knowledge of the world comes from books. I like literary novels and true stories. Watching them do what I really want to do,

I keep asking myself, what am I doing here? How long will I be trapped? In this environment, I can't even help myself, let alone I can help anyone.

Sometimes I am very anxious. I feel as if I don’t have much time left. My biggest dream is to publish a book, but I hope to understand the world more deeply before writing a book. I hope my book can be closer to reality.

Help me to realize my passion

I am 35 years old and there are still many things I want to do. I like adventure, but I am not qualified to take risks. I like nature, but they are so far away from me. I like history and want to see for myself the war I have learned from books. After the ruins, or go there to imagine what it was like before? But I can only worry.

I can't stand the stagnation. I am not a dreamer, I am anxious to build a dream.

When I get a sum of money to help me go to Europe, first I will find a house and work, such as farms, housekeeping staff, waiters, home care staff... .. Wait, and then I will start writing books after work, or I hope to find another part-time job and save money to slowly achieve my goal.

My only hope is to find my true foothold in life. It is not necessarily a place, it is a process. I yearn to work in Europe. There is the Berlin Wall that I want to see the most. I believe that the simple life there can be Help me find a lot of inspiration, just like being drowning, I just need someone to push me.

Or if you have a job opportunity in Holland, please tell me, I will be your good partner or employee!

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What is Airfunding?

This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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