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Help this puppy walk again!

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Hi there!

I am Dhananjay, from India.

When I was walking with my friend, We found this puppy roadside soaking in rain wailing and unable to walk. She had been hit by a vehicle and seems to have her hind legs broken.

Simple first aid was done, she needs a further treatment

When the first time we met her, She was unable to move at all. We brought her home and gave her immediate relief (painkiller and splint to support the fracture).

Later that evening, we took her to the nearest vet. Upon examining, the vet advised us to consult a government veterinary hospital as they provide better healthcare services which he himself lacked.

Since the government hospitals were closed by then, we went there the next day. Being a case of severe and multiple fractures, an X-ray was advised. For the X-ray, we've to take her to Dehradun, the nearest urbanized/modern city.

Major Surgery is advised

There are not able enough to vet surgeons that are willing to take her case in our city, Haridwar. We lack medical facilities in our city. We also found good and experienced surgeons in Dehradun and reached out to one.

We have been caring for her since the last week and the vet has advised for major surgery within the next couple of weeks.

Let's Help Raani to be able to walk again

My family runs a daycare in Haridwar. Due to lockdown, our business has been shut for almost 5 months now. We are living on our savings and they have started to run very low.

Her treatment and medications are going to incur up to INR. 60,000. Had there been no lockdown and business would have continued, we could have managed. But we have 0 earnings since daycare services are permanently closed and not expected to open anytime soon.

The total estimate, INR 60,000 is to be divided as follows

1. X-Ray/MRI/CT Scan: INR 2,500

2. Surgery: INR 35,000

3. Hospitalization & Stay: NR 10,000

4. Medications ( Post and Pre Surgery): INR 10,000

We are Looking for some kind souls to help us arrange necessary funds for her surgery failing which she might not live many more days.

We'll utilize these funds solely for treatment and medications of the poor dog. This dog has no home and no one to look after. We want to help her and we've adopted her as our own.

Throughout a period of 1 month, we'll get her treated and bring her back to our home.

I would be happy if you could use the [Help by sharing] button to share my project!

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This is a crowdfunding platform used by almost 200 countries. Anyone can easily create a project!

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